DFO ExStream 01/04/18


This week, we’ll be having the first ExStream of 2018! Also, we’ll be cooking traditional Korean Tteokguk for the New Year ~ :heavy_heart_exclamation:️ Come hang out with us for update news and events!

UTC(Fri): 02:00
PDT(Thu): 18:00
EDT(Thu): 21:00

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Deadest memes and Tteokguk


omg they’re gonna eat a dog


Coming on Tuesday:

  • The second awakening of the newly release Knight subclasses Dreadnaught and Savior will be released. Trailer here. Gerri demoed Savior here. Danjun demoed Dreadnaught here.

  • New Years Resolution event. There’s a trainer NPC that gives you missions, such as running optimal dungeons. It has a mobile phone UI for the event that looks neat according to Gerri. Rewards include a unique sub-equipment, nothing else mentioned.

  • Multi-dimensional dungeon event, which is a randomized dungeon of different environments. We’ll see girls from the “other dimension” in it. Rewards include a unique magic stone, nothing else mentioned.

  • 7-week long attendance event. If you miss a week here and there, you can make up for it. Rewards not mentioned.

  • Snowman avatars will be added again. Didn’t specify next week, but implied it.

  • Lost Treasures will be updated. Hint on their Instagram soon.

In the future:

  • They reminded players that mileage will be resetting on January 23rd.

  • Gerri clarified that the swap UI is coming beginning-ish of the year.

Other notes:

  • Cooking stream 2.0! They made Tteokguk on stream. List of ingredients here. To see how it’s made, watch the stream starting from here. There’s going to be an event on their Facebook where they post the recipe for this soon. Everyone who makes it and gets a photo of it with their DFO screen in-view will get a supporter title.

  • They reminded players of the guide creation event where you create a useful guide for a lot of exclusive rewards.

  • There will be a tagging and sharing event on their Facebook for the newly released awakenings. Rewards not mentioned.

  • There’s going to be a poll released soon where you choose your favorite events of 2017, which they’ll try to bring back. They encourage players to choose based on the events themselves rather than the rewards.

  • Danjun mentioned that half of the physical prizes that were mailed to players didn’t reach their destination. If you win, please be sure to double check your address and receive your package.

  • Danjun clarified that Gunblader is 45 years old.

  • Gerri has never seen Wayne’s World.

Playback of the stream here.