Demonic Lancer 3rd and 4th Job (September 21st)


So ready for the arrival of Dark Lancer and Dragonian Lancer on September 21st for KR version?

A bit sad we lost the original post that contained the release dates of upcoming content but since September 21st was the last content update announced no need for its return then.

Instead here are the images from that old post.

I am excited for the Dragonian Lancer since the concept looks interesting as the Dual Wield Lancer with that smaller lance in the art being the secondary Lance for the Dragonian Lancer created out of Magical Energy. Backstory is just a bonus since this is the Hero Path for the Demonic Lancer where he trains his Demon Lance abilities to fight Evil.

Dark Lancer… not so much since it is the throwing Lance Job with the theme of the Demonic Lancer giving into the Evil within the Demonic Lance. Basically serving as the opposite of Dragonian Lancer for being the Villain/Anti-Hero Path for Demonic Lancer


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I’ll leave this here as a New Lancer General until Jay’s thread goes up.


So we can expect testing for the Lancers soon?


They will be on test server tomorrow


I can hardly wait.


Heard they got pushed back a day.


Yup, test server update was moved to the 13th, so as I’m writing this, in 12+ hours?


I was hoping to see the videos today. I’ve been waiting for Dragonian Lancer since they revealed it months ago.


They are out on the Test Server now. There should be vids soon.


Looks like this has a list of their new skills and small descriptions: starting at “< 드래고니안 랜서 >” and “< 다크 랜서>”.

Some details

Dragonian Lancer’s 1A name is Leviathan and Dark Lancer’s 1A name is Rampager?

Both subclass’s main buff seems to be level 25? DL seems to have another buff at 20?

Dragonian Lancer’s mechanic seems to be a “Servant Lance” they can shoot out during x-strings and skills. They have a skill where they can use the Servant Lance to hold an enemy in place. There seems to be a recovery or cooldown time for Servant Lance usage since their 1A passive has a reduction to Servant Lance cooldown time. While some of the skills use the Servant Lance in their animations or something, there only seems to be the base Servant Lance skill and the hold using Servant Lance.

Dark Lancer seems to have a debuff for enemy attack and move speed, and increases the enemy’s damage taken by party members? Something about accumulating damage and making the enemy take all the accumulated damage at once. My Korean’s awful so that’s about the best I can do.

Or you can wait for Jay to finish his translations here: New Lancer Subclasses (September 13th)


Videos are up!

Dragonian Lancer!

Dark Lancer!

Dragonian Lancer is everything I dreamed my ideal Magic Lancer will be.


i am strongly considering moving from sb after all these years


Okay so hats off to Neople for making the last two lancer classes look fun. I look forward to playing these classes, especially after the disappointment I felt with the last two knight classes. Can’t wait to see these in the global servers.


I WANT MOREEEEEEE LANCER. also why is it questioning my body?