Demon Slayer General


Is Sword Demon Strike good for just bossing as well? Cuz I had similar issues with it.


No, the initial strike has an AOE element to it and is very, very strong.
For non-bosses SDS’s multi-hit is just icing on the cake.


Well I tried it with maxing and I don’t see that being the case. SDS’ multi hit and finisher is at least 3x more percent damage than the initial hit. Using its TP doesn’t seem to make its damage any more noticeable. Hell most of the time, Freed Blade comes out as a tad stronger, despite the statistical difference. Is there some future patch I don’t know about or is it all in the gear? Bear in mind I’m getting up to lvl90 and still farming for ancients. As such, mobs tend to get a little more damage spongy near the end of scenario.


The better gear you have, the stronger your weaker skills will be. This is fairly obvious, but the importance of it here is that SDS’s initial strike is comparable in damage to your lower level/weaker skills, and for the most part those skills (when geared) are often enough to clear trash mobs, even at level 1.

I cannot relate to current leveling as a Demon Slayer since I’ve had mine maxed first in each level cap the class has been available in, but SDS wasn’t the most useful skill for leveling aside from dealing with bosses due to your lower level skills being more than enough to clear through trash.