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Going to do a quick general guide in case people do play DS. Edit: in process of updating post-origin, will include pics later



Demon Slayer is a Physical Percent class that is all about dealing big damage and nothing else. Surviving Origin character rebalance, she now comes with two new burst skills. She has no weapon mastery but zanbatos are recommended due to them having the most physical attack of the slayer weapons. Her armor mastery is Heavy which you’ll want to focus on starting out.

The class is fairly straight forward with dropping big hit followed by average dps with her soaring blade skills. Although be mindful of your party and avoid throwing enemies around too much or yanking them out of holds.

This will be a PvE guide mainly focusing on endgame such as Anton and Luke raids so I will be referencing a lot of bosses from those areas. Also my opinion on damage will be based on end game gear (12/12 best in slot) so it might be different to newer players.



Armor: Magic seals > Haldiom/OV(9 pc Majin Whispers) > 6pc Gracia (City of Noire Ferra) > 6pc Echon > Some 85 Epic sets and 90 sets.

Accessories: Magic seals > Halidom > Fish (Bloody Lane) > 3pc Great Glory (Kings Ruin) >3pc Gigantic Presense > Epics

Weapon: Rental > Giant Nugol Form/Terra Reconstruction/Liberation Zanbato > Epics

  • For armor you can skip halidom and OV and go straight into level 1 ancients for Gracia but keep in mind that you’d want to do OV eventually for a swap set. For standard Gracia setup you want all 5 pieces of heavy armor and sub equip. Only time you get Gracia Accessories or Magic Stone is if you have really strong standalone epics or a 3pc 90 Epic set. With a legendary item in almost every slot gives you enough damage and exorcism to take on Echon which is as strong as most epic sets. Few 85 epic sets such as NG or Tact will break Echon and so will 90 sets. Also a 90 set is what you want in the end so you can upgrade it with Luke raid at one point.

  • Accessories you can skip from magic seals straight to Fish or epics. Everything else especially GP will take time to farm for whereas Fish takes a few days per piece. Budget setup that has synergy with Gracia and Echon is Great Glory Bracelet for a source of smash, Fish necklace, and Anton ring for a source of crit smash (you can pick 1 anton item if you clear raid 5 times). Any epic accessory set will be an upgrade but the main goal here is to have 3pc sensory or 3pc anton infinite (upgraded through raid).

  • Weapon gearing is the hardest part since you have to rely on luck for this one. Ideal weapon is a Zanbato so whenever given an option, go for that. It’s about 2 weeks to buy a Requiem Zan but with current prices it may be better to just buy a Liberation for ~10mil. Terra is a bit worse on DS but you can farm that within a week. As for epics, aim for a pot in Tower of the Dead so you can attempt to get a Byeo or Yang. Getting either one of them will free up an accessory slot if you plan on getting budget gear. Main epic you want from hells is Excal but runner ups that are decent are Byeo, Yang, World Pendulum, Yang Twig.

  • Berserk-6pc Sword Demon Blessing/Majin Whispers (+10%), Captain Trooper Gaiters (+7%), Unsung Taichi (+3), Title (+3), Rare Clone Top (+1), Plats (+2), Pet (+1), Taints for the leftovers

  • Optional Swaps-5pc Full Plate (this will be irrelevant in the future), Petit Deicide, WWS Pet, Ragnarok Clone/Avatar Top, Magic Sword Control plats

If you’re missing some of the swaps then High Tech Slayer Ring, Silver Watch/Navarre/60Sub, Kazan’s Curse/Heavens Luck will suffice. You want to prioritize hitting the hard cap on Berserk over taints. If you don’t have Captain Troopers then there’s Sea Gods/Metal Line/Glassy Orb/Bleak Wind for a +1 instead.

Gear Location
  • Magic Seals: You get these from doing the story quests. Try to get out of these ASAP

  • Halidom: There’s a daily that gives 15 mats a day to craft halidoms via Moonlight Tavern. If you made a DS post-origin then it’s guaranteed you get enough for a full halidom armor set by the time you get to Castle of the Dead. You can also buy Halidom pieces but the cost is not worth it in the long run.

  • Chronicle: Farmed in Otherverse (at least lvl 2; available at player level 70) which is on the left side of Saint Horn which can be accessed via Underfoot Harbor. It takes about 2 weeks to finish a set. You want to do this area regardless for the swap set. You can do up to 5 runs a day (8FP per run)with 6 fragments per run and each DS set pieces can be disassembled for 20 frags each.

  • Fish: Buyable from Red Witch at Central Park for 400 Purification Stone each. At level 90 there will be a daily quest available that gives 90 stones for clearing the Pandemonium Dungeon once each on any difficulty. In addition, Bloody Lane drops 7-10 stones per 8FP along with Terranium. These accessories can be farmed within a week to two weeks depending how many Bloody Lane runs.

  • Gracia: Farmed in Time Gate Requiem (available at character level 85) which is on the right side of Saint Horn. It costs 10 Endless Eternities, 120 Clear Cubes, and 6 FP per run. You can do a minimum of 2 runs for 80 materials and a maximum of 10 runs for a total of 120 materials every day. Each Gracia piece requires 600 materials and you’d want 6 pieces.

  • Gigantic Presense: Farmed in non-raid Anton (character level 85 with Anton Scenario completed). It costs 525 per piece. The Anton daily consists of 5 dungeons that costs 3 magtoniums each per entry.

  • Echon: Farmed in Pandemonium Junction (available at character level 90) which is below Central Park. You need 5 Seeds of Birth, 5 Terranium, and 8 FP per run with a total of 4 runs. The fourth run is a special dungeon where you need to activate your power on the boss via pressing Tab. The daily for this dungeon gives 10 materials every day and it costs 27 materials to buy a piece of your choice (modifiers are random). This dungeon requires exorcism so Gracia is prerequisite so you can deal damage and not die in one hit.

Avatar/Clone Options
  • Hair: Spirit with Strength + Crit Emblems

  • Hat: Spirit with Strength + Crit Emblems

You’d want spirit since there’s not really anything good to choose from and spirit increases your max mp which is really important once you start getting epics. Outside of heavy armors, you’re going to notice a dip in your mana depending on the length of the dungeon. Update: After Origin crit becomes less of an issue so you can use pure Str Emblems now.

  • Face: Attack Speed with Attack Speed Emblems

  • Torso: Attack Speed with Attack Speed Emblems

Attack speed is chosen over the others since DS has some skills with really long animations. Also more attack speed means more skills you can dish out faster.

  • Top: Berserk/Reinforce/Ragnarok with Crit Emblems; Berserk Plat

Berserk is prioritized as that’s the main buff. If you have a spare top then Reinforce and Ragnarok but my preference would be Ragnarok first since that’s your hardest hitting skill.

  • Waist: Evasion with Attack + Move Speed Emblems

For waist it’s either evasion or inventory weight. Evasion is good overall but inventory weight is a good QoL for a class that uses 2 sets of heavy armor for swaps (Reinforce gets removed in a later update as a heads up).

  • Bottom: MP Max with Crit Emblems; Berserk Plat

  • Shoes: Strength with Attack + Movespeed Emblems

  • Skin: Physical Defense with Crit Emblems

Phys def on the skin avatar because her best armor sets are light and leather so you’re going to be losing a decent chunk of defense and to top it off you take more damage from Berserk’s drawback. Update: After Origin crit becomes less of an issue so you can use pure Str Emblems now.

  • Aura: Anything that gives Crit with Crit Emblems

Demon Slayer lacks crit so you need everything you can get if you want to reach 97% crit chance. Aura is a hard thing to get since they are limited time. Previous aura that remains to be the best for DS is Olympus if you have that. Currently it’s Arturian Faith and future auras may be better or worse than these. Update: After Origin crit becomes less of an issue so you can use pure Str Emblems now.



Leftover SP is your preference although some people drop Sanguine to 1 as well. As for me I dumped SP into Blade Retraction and Freed Blade.


These are skills that everyone has.

  • Backstep: Default skill that you cannot take a point out of. Use this to reposition yourself or to avoid certain gimmicks.

  • Quick Rebound: Must have this skill. Pressing and holding this skill will give you invincibility for a few seconds. This skill is mandatory for raids as some bosses such as Ator and Vera have attacks that will knock you down followed by lethal damage unless you use Quick Rebound.

  • Basic Training: Scales with your level and affects default basic x attacks.

  • Leap: One point in this skill if you need training wheels to assist in dodging gimmicks that require a timed jump (i.e. Merta, Egene, Iron Beast).

  • Physical Critical: DS lacks crit and this passive gives a total of 10% more crit so this is very helpful. Max this unless you can cap crit another way.

  • Magic Critical: DS is a Physical Percent class so this is useless.

  • Physical Rear Attack: Your crit rate is higher if you attack an enemy from behind. This is too niche to be reliable so leave this alone.

  • Magic Rear Attack: Same reason as Magic Critical

  • Ancient Memory: Same reason as Magic Critical

  • Indomitable Spirit: You gain Super Armor when you cast skills. DS doesn’t cast skills other than Berserk so leave this alone.

  • Throw Mastery: It looks bad at a glance but this passive is actually very useful. With one point in this skill, anything you throw counts as using a skill. So items such as Refined Amnesia Ring, Time Defier, Pars Golden Grail, Babylon, and Rosetta Stone will activate from just you throwing rocks/shurikens/etc. (Note: this will be removed later on)

  • Conversion: Toggling this switches some skills and attacks around to deal magic damage. No point in doing this on a class that stacks str and physical atk. Leave at default or phys.

  • Basic Armor Mastery: Very small increase to your HP if you use armor outside of Heavy.

Female Slayer
  • Ascending Sword: You have 1 point in here by default. Leave it at 1 since it’s not meant to deal damage. This skill can be used to keep an enemy in the air for awhile longer while your other juggle skills come off cooldown. It can also be used as a dud skill to help proc Refined Amnesia Ring if you have that.

  • Castigation: Same case as Ascending Sword where you leave it at level 1. This skill is also a small hold which is good for interrupting some bosses.

  • Cross Slash: Leave this skill at 0. Throw Mastery is more SP efficient for procs.

  • Demonic Slash: Another skill you leave at 1 since that’s the default level.

  • Flying Tips: Leave at 0 unless you have SP to spare then leave it at 1. It has a decent number of multihits and is enough to destroy the Merta rocks.

  • Mountain Press: Leave at 0. Only purpose of this skill is to knock down enemies but requires you to jump beforehand. Jumping + x attack does the same thing if not better.

  • Shadow Snake Strike: 1 point here. It pulls enemies toward you which is good for zombies in Leg.

  • Sliding Slash: 1 point for a movement skill. It’s very good for times where your natural speed isn’t fast enough to get out of the way of an attack.

  • Spinning Blade: 1 point (optional) to break out of hit stuns and sometimes can be used to get out of a grab.

  • Sword Barrier: Good skill to have at 1 point (optional) to mitigate damage while swapping at the start of dungeons. Most attacks blocked with this skill will prevent hitstun. You can also block indefinitely and at max level with TP it blocks 100% physical damage.

  • Composure: By default you have this maxed. Basically what this does is it gives you up to 5% crit from constantly attacking enemies.

  • Heaven Cleaver: Maxed by default as well. This transforms your weapon into a chain-like sword in dungeons.

Demon Slayer
  • Soaring Blade-Trash: SP dump
    Can be used to cancel some other skills

  • Soaring Blade- Draw:
    If you played DS before Origin this skill will be a bit awkward to use since the 3 blades are simultaneous now instead of consecutive. Most people max this or Blade Retraction and SP dump the one they didn’t choose.

  • Berserk: Max (main buff, skill atk, movement + attack speed)
    See Gear > Swaps for more detail on how to maximize this skill

  • Soaring Blade- Impale: Leave this at lvl 1
    This skill (grab) can interrupt some bosses such as Agnes but it will fling enemies into the air which can have negative synergy with some other classes

  • Blade Retraction:
    This skill has decent range and will down any enemies hit

  • Wild Thrash: multihit, long animation but can be canceled

  • Magic Sword Control: Max; increases Phys Atk and Crit rate

  • Bleeding Blades: average damage, multihit.

  • Freed Blade: SP dump
    This will pull in enemies hit (Note: Do not max if you plan on using this skill for zombies; they will die to the initial hit making it impossible to reel them in)

  • Sanguine Choreography: burst skill, super armor on use
    This skill got nerfed since Reinforce got removed but I personally think it can still be used as a burst skill. Also this skill and Sword Demon’s animations aren’t tied to your character so you can move freely after the initial start up

  • Sword Demon Strike: can now be used properly on the ground
    Pressing this skill key for this and Up will throw you across the room which can be used for an emergency maneuver or to reach the enemy faster. Using the skill again while being thrown will stick the demon to whatever gets hit first)

  • Gloom Sword Giga Blade: Maxed by default

  • Offering to the Greedy: Max

  • Usurper Phenom: multihit, iframes
    Damage is decent after Origin but there’s not enough sp for every cube skill so this is dropped for skills that have faster animations. Having long animations on this skill is actually a good thing for once as you are invincible for the entirety of it which can save you from would be lethal gimmicks

  • Sanguiem Gladio: Max, burst skill

  • Majin Blades: Max

  • Giga Slash: Max, burst skill

  • Inhumane Doctrine: Max, burst skill
    (skill is bugged sometimes where if it hits a grabable enemy then they will teleport to the top left corner usually due to lag)

  • Ragnarok: Max, biggest burst skill
    The second part of the skill holds as well for a bit but it’s negligible


Silly question, but how good is SuperContinent on Demon Slayer? Just curious since I am really close to 5/5 the Golden set and it popped in to my mind.


Is using Ancient Shaman’s Thorn effective for Demon Slayer when also wearing gracia?


Demon Slayer does not deal enough bleed damage for Ancient Shaman’s Thorn to ever be effective


So what are all the upcoming changes to DS. Can’t seem to find them any more.


They can be found here Character Synergy and Balance Update (August 17th)
2a and choreo dmg nerfed 2a sped up
all other skills buffed
2 new skills to replace galoa and blood majin
reinforce removed and replaced with new passive that comes with crit(reinforce plat becomes bis battle plat)
green taints added for berserk
qol changes to sds and wound gimmick of berserk removed


When is the Luke ds raid happening? :thinking:


Ok, quick question, is crow day ceremony set good on DS? I am one piece away from completing that set and just wondering about all of the sets now.


Crow is good on anyone. If you plan on upgrading it to Gespent, I’d wait till rework first since that makes all the upgraded sets viable. However Naga (upgraded heavy/Millenium War Hero) is still the best in terms of damage for DS if you really care about min maxing.


Honestly, I haven’t even ran the raids yet so I am kind of a long way from upgrading anything.

Though I do appreciate the advice on sets you have been giving me thus far, I am finding it to be quite helpful.


Man all her buff swap sub’s are epics :confused:
And with the WTH event just ending its Gonna be hard getting the buff to +10


You don’t need a sub-equip to get +10 Berserk.

You can get +7 fairly easily:
+1 from Avatar top
+1 from lvl 30 / 55 / 60 Halidom top
+1 from Sea God pants
+2 from Kazan’s Curse
+1 from various pets
+1 from High Tech Ring

the next 3 is the hardest.
Obviously a +3 title will cover that, but you would still need at least one more level for when you eventually replace Sea God pants with Captain Troopers (this should be the last thing you consider though, as it’s generally rarer than platinum emblems).
If gold is no problem, you can pick up an Unsung Warrior Tachi (our best weapon swap option) or a Platinum Emblem. In the future, there should be a return of the belt bead that gives +1 to level 15-35 skills.

Time Traveler’s Watch is too RNG to be relied on as a buff swap piece.


Ok cool thats a relief. Uh I was planning on farming Kazan’s curse though its a unique lvl 30 where does it drop? Don’t feel like blowing 14m on it


level 30 dungeons. There used to be special dungeons that would be the most ideal place to farm for Uniques level-appropriate to those dungeons, but they no longer exist.


What’s the preference for upgraded 90 set?

Is it naga>everything else>fiend?


After much curiosity, I finally got around to play a DS. Can I get the gist of skills to max and drop?



You can choose to max Wild Thrash or Blade Retraction with the remaining SP.


Why Choreography? Is it good single target DPS? Cuz it’s very unwieldy in every other scenario.


I was initially of the same mindset, but when fighting bosses all Choreo clones will attack the boss, so you don’t get a loss of just one clone attacking.

It’s massive burst and executes very quickly.