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Is Dusky a good set to get for him?


If he’s locked to dark then yes it is, otherwise grab gracia.


You could also get heartrending to maximize his support aspect, but that’s lame.


I think Dusky will be the best bet, yeah


hes not locked but dusky is still better because ignoring encroachment’s shadow dmg is pretty unwise


logs onto his Impaler

… looks pretty locked.


Any build advice, guys?


I would wait until 2nd Awakening before builds but for the most part I maxed everything and left his holds at 1. I think the skill is called light and darkness spear and the other skill that looks like this.

But so far I’m really enjoying this class. Love all the different set ups you can do with the encroach system


Welp, 2nd awakening is here. What are those skill builds looking like? I’ve dropped dark ambition, Piercing drive, and diffusion to 1, but it’s not enough to max the new skills. Wondering what I should drop next, perhaps spiral rush? Dark spiral lance?


This is the Skill build I am using right now.


My Skill build is the nearly identical to Loujitsu’s except I left VP at 1 and dumped points into SR. Some korean players i’ve seen drop DB to 1 and max DSL or DT.


Basic doping on counter 105 Ferman, Petit Erebus Swap for 2a, +2 title swap for 1a.

Class is pretty good.


Quick little thing that Im gonna post here since we dont have a disco or anything.
Part of our enroach passive is that if he hit a Black Plasma skill (most of our big ones) on an enroached enemy, we’re supposed to do 20pct more damage on them. Turns out, that this passive has been bugged and we only see the visual but never get the actual damage. This just recently got fixed in KDNF, so expect a random buff of 20pct. Heres hoping that neople doesn’t nerf the class to make up for them “fixing” the bug.



Me: So lots of you have been asking me in game about my skill build so here is my current skill build guys.