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Yup as SillyCow mentioned its mainly the difference in armor mastery. Physical SC build will be 4-5% stronger with a sader but you can still choose to go magic, which is what I’m doing, just personal preference tbh. For the slightly higher speeds and cooler looking weapon(s) :stuck_out_tongue: you will be giving up around 300 stat/str.

If you do decide to go the magic route, you will ofc need to amp and enchant accordingly to get the most benefits from sader buffs, most important would be int amps, m.att enchants and phys crit enchants and emblems.


I think I’m going to just go the physical route for consistency’s sake. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I have the supreme combination of Excalibur and nature guardian, so really no matter what I pick I’m stuck with that until I upgrade my radiant set which hopefully won’t be a very long time. I have not had the chance to do Luke raid yet.

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so how does the 90 epic swords compare to each other, specifically the 90 ls and bludg since i hav mor then enough resources to transfer and likely willing to too


Brinicle Shell is pretty mediocre right now, but World Pendulum is extremely good if you have a lot of elemental damage. I would never in my wildest dreams transfer a weapon though. You will find one by the time you complete a level 90 set, Civ, and Sensory.

There are numerous factors at play when determining which weapon is “the best” outside of Savior’s. It depends on how much elemental damage, all attack, smash, etc. you have because they all have diminishing returns. For instance, Excalibur won’t increase your damage by a lot if you already have 200 elemental damage without it, and World Pendulum and Brinicle Shell won’t increase your damage by a significant amount if you have extremely low elemental damage.

Save the epic souls. There are far better uses for them than transferring a weapon that will be replaced by a Savior at some point.


i figured world pen would be extremely good overall, im willing to transfer 1 of those swords from my witch cuz my dk had opened 7 epic pots already over the years and 6 of them were flame kat 1 right after the other while the last pot i opened just recently was a ToA bludg pot and the result was a twig which i decided to use the trans stone to give to my pally so lack of progression on wep has been getting to me and i decided i wanna be kaiba and screw the rng cuz i got resources

how would brinicle do after the rework in kr


Brinicle Shell definitely got an upgrade, but you’re looking at a six month wait for that revamp at the earliest. You could probably farm a Savior within that time span. Between the two of them, World Pendulum is better. It has higher physical attack, more elemental elenore damage, and increases Charge Explosion, Dark Burst, and Time Break.

Like I said before, I would never in my wildest dreams transfer a weapon. You will more than likely find two or three of them by the time you finish a level 90 set. I have found all of them (some multiple times) while gearing my DK.

Think of it this way. You can get a lot of good drops in 12.6k DI that benefit your character more in the long term. Save the souls or convert them to DI instead.


guess ill go for the rng hell route or buy a savior when he gets enough red rocks so in general wuts the best savior; im assuming zan/ss but with the reinforcement patch and the fact that spd in general is mor then just a luxury compare to other classes is the fact that ls having the lowest patk something decisive or is it not that big of a difference?


Most people get either short sword, zanbato, or katana. If you pick katana, you have to acknowledge the fact that you are giving up a significant amount of damage for more attack speed. I really regret buying a Savior Katana rather than finishing Infinite because I can’t find Sensory to save my life. I digress.

Here is my damage with my +11 Savior Katana:

Compare it now with my +11 Savior Zanbato:

Auora has posted a lot of DK data from KDnF in this thread. I condensed it into this Google doc. This is data that is closer to our version and doesn’t account for the recent rebalance of epic sets in KDnF, so keep that in mind. Physical is more powerful for the most part when using sets like Supercontinent, Fiend, and Nagaraja. If you plan on using 7Sins or Gespenst, it would be a better idea to get a short sword.

Attack speed is less of an issue if you have Sensory and an upgraded set. For example, between Sensory and Supercontinent, you are gaining 40% attack speed. Just means you have to pig in hell mode or craft it like me.

TLDR; Get either a zanbato or short sword depending on what end-game set you plan on using. Katana’s are weak but provide a lot of attack speed. From personal experience, I would advise against getting one.


dunno if anyone still visits this place, but i made a discord server for us!

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you have to set it to never expire…


New DK here with a quick question.
This is an alt, solo only, and I’ll probably stop gearing this character at Echon so I have complete control over which armor mastery I use. I wanted to go magical, but Plate armor makes inventory management a pain, and cloth is kind of squishy. So…

  1. Do you feel a difference in toughness between light armor and cloth?
  2. Which skills does the casting speed bonus on cloth benefit? I heard about wave spin, dark flame sword, and vein slash. Are there any others, and does it make a huge difference?
  3. There’s no reason why I can’t just gear for a physical build and use magic in conversion, right?

I just want an option that let’s me at least be paper mache instead of wet toilet paper. I haven’t had problems with dying yet, but those CotD bots that spam stuns and knockdowns really took me close to the edge sometimes.