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Welcome back muh dudes


7 sins is sleeper op for dk


lol idk about op but it should actually be usable since while most classes usually have only one good skill in the 40-45 range, dk gets 4 of their strongest skills in that range, only beaten by time break usually and dark burst lmao


Heres a dk with 7sins (Youtube), hes got a decent amount of vids and it seems pretty good tbh.


His damage looks pretty bananas, but I’d like to see how it compares to Super Continental. I haven’t seen a ton of videos where people show off the damage charts, just their Ferman times.


heres a guy with supercont, not a perfect comparison but yes supercont does dmg
he is also testing out the changed dmg from adding the buff.


I thought I’d share my compliled list of various dk setups with you guys. I’ve included any of the obvious gear information, if something is missing its either because the author of the vid/thread didn’t post it or my google translate skills aren’t good enough.

I will keep adding any newer ones I find, enjoy.

Note: all the damage charts you will see below aren’t from standardized tests since everyone has different amps and enchants, just keep that in mind.

Super Continental
  1. Upg savior zan, 4man lukesell vods
  2. Upg savior katana
  3. Muramasa, 2/3 heblon
  4. Upg savior zan
  5. Savior zan, +12 amps (dmg charts)
  6. World Pend, Heblon (click for gear specs)
    a. Heblon Dark Proc (dmg chart)
    b. Heblon Light Proc (dmg chart)
  7. Savior Zan, 1/3 heblon
  1. Upg savior ss (dmg chart)
  2. Savior zan, 2/3 heblon (dmg chart)
  3. Upg savior zan
  4. Upg savior LS
7 sins
  1. Upg savior ss
  2. Upg savior katana, 2/3 heblon, 4man lukesell vods (dmg charts)
  1. Upg savior ss, 1/3 heblon (dmg chart)
  2. Upg savior ss (dmg chart)
  1. Upg savior ss (dmg charts)
  2. Upg savior katana
  3. Savior katana (dmg chart)
  1. Upg savior ss, heblon
    His town stats
  2. Upg savior katana
Dark Gothic
  1. Upg savior ss, heblon, +12 amps
  2. Upg savior katana, heblon, infinite set
    His town stats
  3. Muramasa, heblon
  4. Upg savior ss, 2/3 heblon


That’s the main problem with trying to figure out which one is “the best”. I can only assume Super Continental because the set is crazy good, but the other upgraded sets are also good in their own rights.

I have an embarrassment of riches. I can upgrade either Crow, Black Formal, or Metal Line as of right now. I’m 4/5 on both Radiant and Millennium, so I’m just wondering if I should finish Radiant and upgrade that, or if one of the other sets I have is better to upgrade.

All of them have their merits and it’s hard to find accurate testing for our class in particular because there are so few people who actually play the class compared to a class like Asura.


fiend wins with supports, supercont wins solo. Both are close enough though that the difference will end up being preference.



Heres some data I found on a kr forum to help compare between each set. With some help from google translate, debtor and chehol, here is most of it (missing translation for armor ability value comparison):

Translations needed to read graphs shown below:

1. Crow
2. Supercontinental
3. Supercontinental (physical)
4. Gespent
5. 7sins
6. Fiend
7. Fiend (physical)
8. Nagaraja 
9. Najaraja (physical)
10. Radiant
11. Dark Gothic

Orange is shadow proc
Blue is light proc

1 . Comparison for solo play (based on 2700 stat)

Dark Flame Sword (Counter x)

Time Break (Counter x)

2 . Comparison for solo play (based on 3559 stat, all 11 amplification)

Dark Flame Sword (Counter x)

Dark Flame Sword (Counter o)

Time Break (Counter x)

3. Based on 13559 stat (+10000)

Dark Flame Sword (Counter x)

Dark Flame Sword (Counter o)

Time Break (Counter x)

4. Speed Comparison

Translations needed to read graph shown below:

1. Crow
2. Supercontinental
3. Gespent
4. Fiend
5. 7sins
6. Nagaraja
7. Dark Gothic

Column headings:
Attack speed | Movespeed | Casting Speed


I take it “shadow proc” refers to heblon set giving 15 pct ele elenore, and “light proc” is the 20 pct skill dmg?


I’m confused as to what “counter x” and “counter o” are? I’m probably missing something that’s directly in my face, but this is the most helpful data I’ve seen.

Edit: Also, I’m in the process of organizing the data on Google Doc’s. Should be done pretty soon.

Edit 2: Here is the organized data. I can’t read Korean, so this helps me to have it laid out this way. Hopefully it will help some others.

Dark Knight Armor Comparisons


@CommanderComment Yup the shadow and light refers to the heblon procs.

@Tatra that just simply means that the counter is off and on (shouda probably been more clear in my original post). Also thanks for organizing the info on the google doc.

Overall based on the data and my own option, the best upgraded sets would be:
Physical: Super Continental
Magical: 7sins

Both these sets provide a good mix of damage and speed. Whereas if you just want damage then fiend is also an option.


@Auora No need to apologize or anything. It just helps me organize the data better for people like myself who only speak English. I’ll edit it and also include what “shadow proc” and “light proc” refer to as well. I knew they referred to the Heblon set, but didn’t know what those procs exactly did.

I agree about Super Continental being the best physical set by a mile, but I’m not completely sold on Corrupt 7 Sins being the best magical one. I agree that it’s an extremely good set and I’m pleasently surprised by how high its damage is.

As the data shows, Time Break does lackluster (as far as upgraded 90 sets go) damage with Corrupt 7 Sins. This trend would correlate to skills such as Dark Burst and Charge Explosion because they don’t have their skill attack increased because they aren’t level 25 - 45 range.

It basically comes down to which set you actually own, and if you have multiple sets to choose from, which benefits would you rather have. Whether or not you want attack/casting speed at the expense of certain skill’s damage, if you want your 40 - 45 cubes to do more damage than your awakening skills, etc.

Edit: I included what the highest attack/casting speeds are possible with each set as well. I excluded the 8% attack speed weapon enchant because I figured most people wouldn’t use it.


Looks like we are being changed from a mixed damage class to a pure percent. No longer have to deal with the time consuming process of refining, but now have to spend more gold on reinforcing and enchantments.

I was talking with another DK about it in my guild and he said that it’s a buff, but I haven’t seen any videos or damage charts validating that claim. That being said, percent damage skills scale better than fixed.

From the test server notes that came out tonight:

Dark Force is removed because independent attack is no longer used.

The following skills will be changed from fixed damage to percent damage:

  • Uppercut

  • Brief Cut

  • Dark Slash

  • Bounce Blow (Bludgeon Shock Wave Damage)

  • Dark Cross

  • Spin Attack

  • Wave

  • Vein Slash

  • Grand Wave

  • Dark Explosion

  • Dark Lust

  • Dark Crasher

  • Dark Fall

  • Dark Sword

  • Shock Wave

  • Dark Flame Sword

  • Dark Break

  • Wave Spin


this is my new skill build
but its ahead of its time
dark flame sword will be convertible into str in a future update
i hope you enjoy it and if you see any way to improve it, please post away
all support is appreciated

the dps can be increased by moving various skills at a lower row but everything is the way it is to help control mobs and bosses

i hope you enjoy this skill build as much as i have making it

share it to help the dk community stay strong and enjoy~


I have a question regarding the set comparisons. With SC, when it was physical it was always stronger than Magic, yet the set on paper seems like it wouldn’t care too much if you were Magic or Physical. So… whats going with SC to make it better on the physical side of thing?


It’s not the set itself, but the armor mastery giving Strength/etc.

Same reason why it’s better to stack Intelligence/etc. for 7 Sins.

Naturally, the stat you stack doesn’t directly determine what type of damage you’ll deal technically, since Spacetime Union equalizes your stats anyway. But Saints stacking either Vitality or Spirit do. If you stack Strength and get paired with a VIT Saint as a result (to maximize the amount of mainstat you gain), but you decide to use a Magic build, you’ll lose out on all of the extra Physical Attack he’d give you, and would have to make use of his (likely much) lower Magic Attack. Not to mention your enchantment choices…


Thank you Cow. The reason I asked was because I was given radiant through Hell Mode. I like the magic build but I think I’m going to make the choice for a savior zanbato. Guess I’m joining the physical club.