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Hi, Daemonic here. Someone had requested for an avenger guide, and while I may not be the most experienced avenger around, I thought I'd help out by writing one up! I've been around since Nexon's closed beta (Trailblazer title!!) but I didn't really play much back then. However, since day one of DFOG's open beta, avenger has been my highest priority character and has held the spot of most fun class for me.


  • Very easy leveling / amazing sustain with shadow render + painful rapture

  • Percent class that still does good damage w/o too much funding

  • Shreds bosses with metamorphosis

  • Demonize is one of the coolest/most useful awakenings in the game (imo)

  • Good amount of super armor


  • VERY, VERY squishy for a heavy armor class

  • Shadow resistant dungeons can be a pain

  • Many skills have a cast animation that leaves you vulnerable to attacks

  • Still a percent class so a high reinforced weapon would be ideal



Quick Rebound - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

Don't think I'd have to mention it, but just in case… QR is extremely important in both PVE and PVP as it has i-frames the whole duration.

Leap - PVE : 0 or 1 | PVP : 1

Leap is occasionally useful for PVE, which is why you could leave a point in it. In PVP however, it is a lot more useful as approaching from the z-axis can be effective against certain classes.

Focus: Magical Critical - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

Every class maxes at least one of the crit passives. Avengers are no different.

Magical Rear Attack - PVE : 1 | PVP : 0

You take one point in this so you benefit from +rear crit enchants. Maxing this isn't a bad idea while leveling, but you will have to drop it to 1 when sp becomes tight.

Ancient Memory - PVE : 0 or MAX | PVP : 0 or MAX

Useful if you remember to use it. 150 intelligence for 20s is a pretty good spike of damage that can help you clear out some of the harder mobs/bosses. In PVP, this can be used while juggling the enemy in the air to gain more damage during a combo.


Smasher - PVE : 1 | PVP : 1

Standard grab move. In PVP the enemy can be thrown early by hitting x. Can be maxed to help cheese certain floors in Tower of Depair.

Great Weapon Launcher - PVE : 1 | PVP : MAX

Super armored launch attack. Low CD, a must max for any PVPer.

Slow Heal - PVE : 0 | PVP : MAX

Useful early I guess to offset the painful rapture's hp cost, but we already have shadow render!

Lucky Straight Punch - PVE : 1 | PVP : 1

One point for mobility.

Strike - PVE : 1 | PVP : MAX

Strike is a must have for pvp, since hit rate is very important. In pve, I only maxed strike when my hit rate was lacking. Once you have enough hit rate, drop the skill back down.

Cure - PVE : 0 or MAX | PVP : 0

The only time you cure should be maxed is when you are running OV. Otherwise there really isn't much of a need for it.

Second Uppercut - PVE : 0 or 1 | PVP : At least 1

I took a point in it for whatever utility it may have, but mainly because I'm used to having a point in this skill. We can already cast [C] devil strike during our dash [X] so leaving it at 0 is fine too. In PVP, this skill is my SP dump to help with juggling when I want to save on demon gauge.

Furious Grab - PVE : 1 or MAX | PVP : MAX

Decent damage for leveling, and allows you to cast one devil strike which is still useful later in the game. One of the first skills you should be dropping once you start needing sp elsewhere.Very useful in PVP since the immobility procs at a decent rate.

Painful Rapture - PVE : MAX | PVP : Player pref

Painful rapture is an amazing way to restore both our mana AND our demon gauge. There's no point in not maxing this for PVE since we also get a passive that lowers the hp cost and gives even more mana. In PVP you can put in a few points so you can start of with some demon gauge but I personally don't use it. With the new changes, painful rapture can now also be cast during our skill animations!

Wisdom Blessing - PVE : MAX | PVP : 0 or Max

I don't see a reason to not get wisdom blessing. 200sp to max is pretty good for the buffs you get.

Phoenix Hammer - PVE : 1 | PVP : 1 or MAX

Good skill for leveling, but drop this once you need the sp elsewhere. In PVP, the shockwave from phoenix hammer is huge, but most people can punish this pretty easily. Still has it's uses though. (seriously, the shockwave is pretty big)


Devil Strike - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

Allows us to cast extra attacks during most of our skills' attack animation at the cost of demon gauge points. Press [Z], [X], or [C] during a skill to activate. This is our main source of DPS. Skills like shadow render and spin cutter can be used to spam devil strikes.

Shadow Render - PVE : 5 or MAX | 5 or MAX

Shadow render is our main source of healing outside of potions and should be maxed while leveling. Even at cap, maxed shadow render can heal a sizeable chunk of your hp when attacking a group of mobs but it does leave you vunerable to being attacked. I used to dump extra sp on this skill for heals, but with 2nd awakenings I dropped this to 5 in favor of other skills. The heal is disabled in PVP but I use it so often that I decided to max it. You can mash the shadow render key to make it attack faster.

Metamorphosis - PVE : 1 | PVP : 1

Only available for use when at half demon gauge and not demonized. Sort of a half transformation where using devil strikes will not consume demon gauge but the demon gauge will constantly drop until it hits zero and the transformation ends. Your [X] string, GWL, and phoenix hammer are changed. Meta is where you DPS will be highest. Constant devil strike spam during skills makes for really good boss killing. You can preemptively end meta by using execute (default input is < > [Z]). Using this will drop your demon gauge to 0. With second awakening, meta can be kept up during most of the dungeon run if you consistently use painful rapture when it goes off CD.

Scythe Mastery - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

Must max. Gives % weapon magic attack, attack speed, and shadow resist. It does lower our light resist but that pales in comparison to the buffs we get.

Thundermine - PVE : 1 or MAX | PVP : 1 or MAX

Quick to use, and does okay damage. In demonize, thundermine is very strong. Personally opted for spin cutter when I was leveling instead, but this is good too. Good poke in PVP, can hit the ground, and can also juggle.

Rising Emblem - PVE : 0 | PVP : 1 or MAX

Pretty much useless in PVE. Maybe a point in it to proc Delezie's element buff but that's about it. Personally maxed it in PVP though. Chained properly, this can allow you to buff while the enemy is in the air and it can also be used to zone/catch your oppenent.

Falling Soul - PVE : MAX | PVP : 0 or MAX

Our best buff. It has 100% up time and provides huge amounts of int and shadow damage. Make sure to only use this when you have enough demon gauge to get the maximum stats, which is 60 points. Pretty good in PVP too, but I never really use it since I value the devil strikes much more.

Spin Cutter - PVE : 1 or MAX | PVP : MAX

Great skill to use if you want to get a lot of devil strikes out. Leaves you very vulnerable to damage during the cast, but you can use it a second time to pull it back earlier. Does decent damage and now has super armor in PVE! All around great skill in PVP since it can otg/juggle/catch.

** Now has super armor during cast thanks to AiO patch!

Echoes of Nothing - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

The skill damage buff from this passive is applied ALL the time. You only gain the move speed from proccing it. Must max. Also lowers the hp cost of painful rapture and buffs the mp gains.

Thorns of Protection - PVE : MAX | PVP : MAX

Probably our best skill. 10s cd non cube skill that hits like a truck? Yes please! Max in all builds. In PVP, you lose the super armor of the ability but it inflicts MASSIVE hitstun on opponents.

Spinning Deformation - PVE : MAX | PVP : 1 or MAX

Does very good damage if you land all the hits. One point in the TP passive makes this skill really good. I used to have this maxed for PVP but I found myself just using it to catch people or to escape so I dropped it to 1. Also note that you can use this in the AIR!!

Demonic Clutch - PVE : 1 or MAX | PVP : 1 or MAX

I love this skill. With the addition of super armor in the AiO patch, there is no reason not to max this skill. The damage is amazing an In PVP, the hitbox is kinda weird (favorable for you) and it provides pretty good hitstun. It still does a lot of damage in PVP though, so maxing it or leaving it at 1 for the grab is up to you.

** With the addition of super armor to this skill from the AiO patch, there is no reason not to max it.

Reaper - PVE : 1 or MAX | PVP : MAX

Pretty short CD, good damage, and groups enemies. Very good x-axis range but the poor y-axis. Good skill to max if you really like it, but I had to drop it due to SP constraints. Must MAX in PVP though, since it is a relatively low CD ranged grab (breaks super armor) that can be chained into a well time [C] devil strike to start a combo.

Dark Authority - PVE : 1 | PVP : MAX

Slightly groups up enemies and holds them in the air. Key can be pressed a second time to allow the avenger to move around during the grab. Can be left at 1 for PVE since tp is no longer needed to make it closer to the ground. You can use devil strikes through the whole duration so this skill can do a lot of damage during meta. I would like to max this but there's really just not enough sp to do so. Acts as a good combo finisher in PVP, as well as picks people up off the ground/after they quick rebound.


Demonize - PVE : MAX

Levels up automatically. Transforms you into a demon-like state for 50s and grants some skills bonus effects. For example, thorns of protection will gain an extra hit, and spinning deformation becomes a dash-like attack that multi hits. You also have access to execute, (< > z) which is a very useful clearing skill. Execute takes up demon gauge points to use. I usually use demonize to clear the dungeon, and meta for bosses. Execute is such a great room clearing ability since you can easily grab all the mobs in one room and group them onto one area. Using demonize while meta'd will cause an explosion around you. Demonize can also be used during disaster and spinning deformation to transform at the end of either skills.

Nightmare - PVE : 1 | PVP : 1 or ??

It's a decent passive that buffs the damage during demonize and demon gauge gain, but with second awakening the SP is really needed elsewhere. In PVP I ended up leaving it at 6, just to gain demon gauge a bit faster.

Pandemonium - PVE : MAX

Very good damage if you land all the hits (which isn't too hard to do), and only has a 30s cd! Level 9 demonize will reset the CD of this skill once you cast demonize.

Disaster - PVE : MAX

Hard hitting cube skill that also has i-frames for the whole duration of the skill. Hits twice: once when your character hits the enemy, and a second time from the shockwave that occurs when you land. Level 9 demonize will reset the CD of this skill once you cast demonize.


Evil Strike - PVE : MAX

Second awakening buff that buff devil strikes with additional effects and increases meta time. Also increases your attack by a large percent when your demon gauge is full. The full gauge bonus damage is more definitely more useful in demonize as you find yourself full gauge more often than when you're in human form.

Dark Howling - PVE : MAX

Love this skill! Great damage and stuns. Also, mobs hit by this skill drop souls that will either restore your demon gauge a little if you pick them up, or explode if you don't. Using this while demonized will require demon gauge, but it has more hits, a larger are of effect, and extends your demonize by a a few more seconds each cast. You can also hold the key down to extend the screams and further buff the additional effects, but it depletes a lot more of your demon gauge.

Smite of Destruction - PVE : 1 or MAX

Good grouping skill that does great damage and applies an okay damage over time. You can charge the last hit of this skill by holding down the key. You can leave it at one for the grouping, but I highly suggest maxing this too. Full i-frames the whole duration of the skill.

Unholy Fury - PVE : MAX

The amount of hits this skill will deal depends on your demon gauge. Each hit will restore your demon gauge and the final hit can be charged at the cost of gauge points. Pretty useful for building up your gauge early in the run, or even as a nuke for a boss. Invincible the whole duration.


Devil Strike : MAX

Thorns of Protection : MAX

Spinning Deformation : 1

The rest of your TP should be used to max either demonic clutch or reaper, depending on your preferences.

++++ GEAR++++

Rare magic sealed gear can last you all the way up until you start farming for your chronicle set. Magic crit would be preferred on the equipment, but intelligence is fine too. I'd say, replace your set of magic sealed every 10 levels starting from level 30. 1-30 should be easy enough with just the gear you get from quests / drop.

With the addition of scenario mode, leveling to 85 in nothing but magic sealed is very easy. Only start to worry about reinforcing when you start doing OV and True Ancients.

As for your sub-equip and magic stone: ideally you'd want a magic attack sub-equip and a shadow magic stone. I'd invest in a magic stone though, since your magic stone stays constant even when you get your chronicle sets.


Once you hit 70, you can start to do Otherverse dungeons to farm for your chronicle sets. These dungeons are pretty difficult at level 70, so if you wanted you could wait until later to start the gear grind.

The sets that you want to choose from are the three found from OV3 dungeons. (Void Rift, Bakal's Castle, and Dark Side)

SEETHING THORN - Amazing 9pc set that buffs one of our core skills: thorns of protection. The size of thorns becomes insane and the damage is amazing. Also, the set buffs spinning deformation as well; increasing the damage and multi hits of the skill, as well as decreasing cool down and the speed/travel distance so that you can consistently get all the hits off. Ideally you'd want to leave your magic stone open for a shadow magic stone. I personally haven't finished my set yet, but I hope I can soon!

PROTECTION OF DEATH - Awesome set that only requires 6pcs. Buffs devil strike by a large margin so you would gain an overall increase in dps. Also increases echoes of nothings' damage buff and move speed bonus by 30%. For this set, you would want to use all the armor slots and the sub-equip, and then use epic accessories + shadow magic stone. Since getting full epic accessories is a incredibly difficult, I'd suggest using either necklace or ring for the last piece instead of the sub-equip.

FLOW OF DESTRUCTION - Great 9pc set that buffs our cube skills and reduces their cool downs. Least popular of the 3 sets, but still strong nontheless. Makes our burst skills even burst-ier. Reaper, pandemonium, and disaster all become very strong and dark authority gets 6 more shards in the attack so the hold lasts just a little longer. The falling soul buff is okay, but swapping a full falling soul tainted set is much, much better.

Completing your OV sets will take you a while, so just use the tainted gear you find from the OV3 dungeons! Imbue them with red devil strike or double imbue them with red/green devil strike and you're good to go. Make sure to also keep another full set of green falling soul tainted set with you for gear swapping. The difference between a non-tainted falling soul buff and a full tainted falling soul buff is over 500 intelligence. That's quite a bit.

Also note: DO NOT USE CHRONICLE WEAPONS. These weapons are very bad, and are easily outclassed by other weapons.


Head/Shoulder : magic crit

Top : magic power

Bottom : magic power

Belt : magic crit

Shoes : magic crit

Sub-Equip : Anodron of Darkness

Weapon : magic power

Accessories (all) : shadow damage

Magic Stone : crit enchant from event (10/7/15)


Hair : int - int+crit

Hat : int - int+crit

Face : attack speed - attack speed

Torso : attack speed - attack speed

Top : scythe mastery/echoes of nothing/falling soul(avatar swap)/demonize(avatar swap) - magic crit

Bottom : phys def - magic crit

Waist : weight/light res - hit rate/move speed (replace hit rate as needed)

Shoes : move speed - hit rate/move speed (replace hit rate as needed)

Aura : N/A - magic crit

Skin : phys dmg reduction - magic crit


With how easy scenario mode is, you will not need to worry too much about the weapon you use for the grind to 85.

At 85, aside from the great epic scythes that you might be lucky enough to get, farming for your requiem/liberation weapon is your best bet. In the mean time, a high reinforced magic sealed/unique weapon or one of the other legendary scythes should suffice.

++++RUNNING OV3++++

Here are a few things I've learned from my runs through OV. These are more avenger specific, and I won't be covering how certain gimmicks work. (don't knock down, don't hold, etc)


Room 3 - if you time it correctly, you can dark authority Vanis before he jumps into the air

Room 5 - use pandemonium immediately after entering to clear the top row of demons

Gaunis - you can damage him between phases, and the best burst combo I could do is demonic clutch into thorns of protection


Room 2 - immediately cast dark authority on Itrenok so you and your party can burst him down

Room 5 - thorns, demonic clutch, spinning deformation, and [X] devil strike are what you should be using to kill Ash Core. when all of those skills are on cd, just chain your first two x's from your x string or the first x of the meta'd x string.


Room 2 - you can avoid getting knocked down by timing your super armored attacks well

Room 4 - enter the room while meta'd and cast dark authority on Astaros immediately after entering to start the cc chain/juggling

Room 5 - run up to Michael and wait a second or two before starting up shadow render and spamming [X] devil strike. You should be able to pick up Michael when he becomes vulnerable and juggle his first phase to death. Dark authority can be cast immediately after his first phase ends to CC his second phase briefly.

Ozma - enter the room with full demon gauge so you meta and shred Ozma's shield quickly. if you need to build up your gauge, the top area of the previous room can be hit for demon gauge. also, you are able to perform the skip with dark authority.


-Skills can be chained together to make clearing a room more efficiently! For example, demonic clutch into thorns of protection or maybe reaper into pandemonium are good ways to rotate through your skills.

-Don't be afraid to use devil strikes even when not metamorphed. Just make sure you know when you need the meta and save on demon gauge points accordingly. (try to have your gauge full when you reach the boss)

-Use painful rapture whenever it's off cd and your demon gauge isn't full. With echoes of nothing, spamming painful rapture to restore your gauge is a great way to keep pumping out devil strikes / build up for meta.

-Level 9 demonize will reset pandemonium and disaster. During meta, Pandemonium > Disaster > Demonize > Pandemonium > Disaster is incredible burst in a short amount of time.

-Demonize's execute is amazing for room clearing


EX : King's Ruin

EX : Vilmark - Area 50

Void Rift

Castle of Bakal

Dark Side


Skeleton Build : http://www.dfonexus.com/skillplanne…IbjbbbIbfbkIk0by2kbvbkCAbk2i2bIbb3n3bbIbbegbb

Current Build (w/ Contract) :


Further skill explanations(?)

PVP stuff

More videos (True Ancients, OV's, ult Grandine with only magic seals?)

Comments are welcome! If you disagree with anything I've written / something is incorrect, feel free to tell me.

Recovery of MintSphere’s Post on Oct 7, 2015 at 5:02 PM

Just wanted to add a note that if anyone wants to see what a fully geared avenger looks like in dnf, you can look up seongpum on youtube

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It’d probably be better if you ask a mod to move this thread over to the Avenger section.

I think most people who want to see class-specific guides would look in those class sections first than this section, or at least, it's what I'd personally do, since this section is mostly for non-class specific guides.

Recovery of Daemonic’s Post on Oct 7, 2015 at 7:49 PM

I see, thanks for the suggestion

Recovery of GamingFreak’s Post on Oct 15, 2015 at 8:21 PM

Not bad but I'd recommend specifying each skills' limits to devil strikes, and what type of devil strikes they can use on them. Devil Strikes are the core deal of our offense outside of holds and bursts, and spamming them in Metamorphosis is what makes us so strong. Just a thought.

Also I'd say the Chron set Avengers probably want to aim for is Protection of Death, which is well worth it for the 9 pc set bonus gain to Demon Points, and buffing up Devil Strikes altogether.

Recovery of Daemonic’s Post on Oct 15, 2015 at 10:50 PM

Last updated Oct 15, 2015 at 10:50 PM

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to work on listing the amount of devil strikes per skill, but I have to disagree with 9pc protection of death. Demon gauge is already very easy to build up, and unless x devil strike keeps its hitstun, the removal of the push/launch capabilities of devil strike seems more of a hindrance than a benefit. The only thing the 9pc has going for it, in my opinion, is the 30% dmg increase to devil strikes. The damage increase is definitely worth considering, but I feel it restricts our power to devil strikes a bit too much. We have many great cube skills that don’t permit devil strikes that will benefit from the att dmg/crit dmg we find from various epics and legendaries, as well as our still incredibly useful demonized form.

I'm just missing the bracelet to complete my 9/9 protection of death, but I don't think I'll be using it even when I do find the last piece. Much like 9pc flow of des, 9pc protection of death does look good, but I just feel that there are better options to use.

Recovery of S1aa’s Post on Oct 16, 2015 at 1:01 PM

Can't for pictures of skill trees (and a linked skill tree that is filled out with main skills that leaves sp open with opens, or just mutiple pictures/links to visually show the different routes). I also like your one video of EX: Kings Ruin, how about some more videos of EX: dungeons solo? Maybe some party runs of OV? Maybe also add a section for tower of the dead? I read some problems people have with higher stages. Then expand on the "epic sycthes". Like take a screenie of the best ones you can think of with stats and post them there so people know exactly how juicy they are. Same with chron sets, not individual pieces but just the 9 set piece effect.

Just suggestions ha. I'm a visual person, so those kind of things are nice, but obviously, thanks for the work you have put down already!

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Critical enchant on belt/shoes, what is that? There's nothing in DFOPedia.

Recovery of Daemonic’s Post on Feb 13, 2016 at 1:44 AM

They're the beads you get from doing the Suju Tournaments. The magic crit one is called Yellow Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead.

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hm thanks this will be helpful and question, i recently got sentence reaper scythe, i intitially thought it was the best scythe in the game for avengers but a few of my friends told me it isn't, at least not for anton? and that the frozen scythe has a better passive skill and even angra mainu too. Im conflicted =/

Recovery of GhostlyCrow’s Post on Feb 16, 2016 at 11:36 AM

Without first-hand experience with any of them, I guess it depends on how you can keep the skull mark up with Sentence. Frozen has the same issue with freeze status. Angra allows for longer Meta (important for dps), and the Shadow debuff affects all party members.

Recovery of Daemonic’s Post on Feb 16, 2016 at 12:47 PM

I don't have much knowledge about Anton so I can't give a good answer. I suggest you try asking on the Anton thread to get better replies.

Recovery of Everspace’s Post on Feb 16, 2016 at 4:02 PM

Angra Mainu also has a fuckton more crit or something like that on it, even if you are unable to do the gimmick passive it will still be good.

This is is far more valuable than trying to manage some sort of gimmick. The gimmick doesn't have 100% uptime in comparison to just raw stat.

Recovery of GhostlyCrow’s Post on Feb 16, 2016 at 4:23 PM

Garroter Sickle is the one with all the crit.

Recovery of Everspace’s Post on Feb 17, 2016 at 5:28 AM

Ah, it was the -22 aura (which is essentially +22 shadow damage).

After reviewing them again, I'm pretty sure Sentence is the best of the bunch (competing with Garroter). Actually attaching a skull is not affected by mob level, and the huge amount of shadow damage would be very good. Garroter was the other nice one I was thinking of.

Depending on how easy Angra makes it to maintain Meta, it could be a very good pick.

Recovery of Jadefrost’s Post on Feb 20, 2016 at 3:16 PM

In terms of Anton parties, avenger's most useful assets are their abilities to gather and hold, deal damage in burst intervals, and reduce enemies' magic defense (in awakening). Seething Thorn and Flaming Devil Breath cultivate this the most as they sync the best with 1st awakening. As for weapons, either of the 85 epics are only slightly better than a lib–certainly not enough to farm for.

Nice guide btw. It's clear that you're experienced with the class in both PVE and PVP. All that I disagree with is opting to max unholy fury and pandemonium while leaving nightmare at 1. Awakening X-chains are a good source of filler damage, while fury and pandemonium take too long to unload.

Recovery of Bearmagus’s Post on Oct 16, 2016 at 9:57 PM

So I currently have +7 to Falling Soul, bringing my up to lvl 30 for the skill. Does it go any higher than 30? Need to know if I should save up for a Fallen Heart Cross and one more Plat emblem.

Recovery of Daemonic’s Post on Oct 16, 2016 at 11:05 PM

Master and max level of falling soul is 50/60 so stack away I guess. However, I no longer play my avenger so I suggest asking the avenger's discussion thread for a better answer.