Creator General

Class Description

Creator is a point and click character who controls with the mouse and WASD instead of the standard hotkey set up, She has no chron gear and is unable to be played until you have at least 1 level 70 character on your account.

She uses a gauge system, Where as other class have a singular cooldown that must count down after a skill is used, she has a system where points count up and may be spent to use skills. This means she can use skills in rapid succession.

She is a fixed magical attacker with long low cooldown holds and a few support elements, She is a jack of all trades master of none, Featuring some holds, some support, some dps, and some burst style game play. Her most notable features are her holds and her massive damage second awakening.

She deals Water and fire damage, with the ability to stack any element since most of her hard hitting skills are neutral and take attribute.

SP/TP explanation

Creator skeleton build, use remaining SP on skills you like. I personally grab flame nado/prot dump into ice shield. Creator really has no bad skill, as long as you max the Second tier of skills, you will be fine.

TPs are the same, just use the ones for skills, you should be pretty free with TP we dont have much to spend on currently. This will change later.





Skill Descriptions

Fire gauge, Low cooldown low damage, Mostly used as filler and nothing else.

  • Firewall - Drag to create fire, very low damage but very spammable. Good filler.
  • Meteor drop - Less spammable then firewall, Decent filler like the other fire skill.

Ice gauge, Low cooldown, low damage, but more damage and cooldown then fire.

  • Icestone - Very good damage for its level, I consider it must max, it just makes ice stones that roll over the enemy.
  • Ice plate - Drops a large piece of ice on a spot, Also good damage, though less then icestones generally!

Wood gauge, Utility gauge, Holds and moves enemies that can be grabbed.

  • Woodfence - Creates a trap that holds enemies it touchs, Enemies will be grabbed if moved onto it after it has been placed, bigger circle gives less hold duration but more location to grab, smaller circle creates longer holds.
  • Draw - You can move enemies along the X axis(Left and right) as long as they can be grabbed, you can also move them along the Z axis(up and down) so you can toss enemies into the air, or pull them down if they are getting juggled too long, Very good for position gimmics!

Protection gauge, Defensive gauge that attacks while protecting the user and allies.(cube)

  • Flame tornado - Creator spins around engulfed in a flame tornado, 100% invuln, you can use this to dodge damage while dealing damage. Also a generic move that does quite good damage. This skill takes element.
  • Ice shield - Creates a shield similar to nenguard, damages enemies when it is created and pushes them back, has hp, protects you and allies.

Wind gauge, Damage gauge with some utility, Takes element.(cube)

  • Windpress - Channeled skill that shoots a controllable wind laser, very strong damage if you have the time to cast it
  • Windstorm - Channeled skill that sucks enemies into a location with a storm, Gets bigger the more you level it.

Mutation gauge, Casts airball, Takes element(cube)

  • airball - Creates a ping pong ball that you smack inside a field, angle can be adjusted, Does bonus damage if you hit all 4 sides.

Readvent gauge, Casts iceage.(cube)

  • iceage - Creates an ice field has same control as woodtrap, Smaller circles means more damage, less damage if you make a bigger circle. Currently reduces enemies elemental resistance and slows.

Tuning gauge, Casts link, Takes element.(cube)

  • Tuning - The left click creates a lion at mouse position or if you click on a party member, creates a “link” to them with the right click. links to lions as well, currently gives stats to linked party members, buff gets weaker if put on more players.

Distortion gauge, Casts time forward, Takes element.(cube)

  • Time forward - Summons time lion, he grabs things around him and holds them for a long duration while hitting them with neutral damage, explodes after hold for large hit.

Creation gauge, Casts creative space, Takes element.(Cube)

  • Creative space - Two part skill, for part 1 you enter a “Charge mode” and gauge a small bar near item hotkeys, you charge this by using fire/ice/wind skills which gain new properties. Part two is when gauge is filled, casting creative space again summons a large tree, you can either grab the fruits from it and drag them into enemies, or press jump to cancel and fuse them into one large explosion.
Mechanics unique to Creator

Creator when using abilities you will see a ring around you, this ring is the “Cast distance” and cursor clicks outside of this range will not work.

But moves that dont require you to channel or cast can be used while moving, These include all of fire gauge, all of ice gauge, All of wood gauge, wind storm, iceage, tuning both parts and time foward. This is useful for when you need to dodge and attack or when you need to grab enemies immediately since she has attacks and grabs that are disjointed from her body, she can hold and move at the same time or grab enemies close enough as soon as the room starts without being on the same axis.

Other things to note, is creator only consumes cubes when she casts the gauge portion of her skill. So wind gauge cast itself is a cube, but windstorm can be cost endlessly until gauge is depleted for no cubes as long as you dont swap out of wind, this is useful for anti cube gimmicks.

Cooldown instead of making her cooldowns lower, since she has none, it instead effects gauge recharge rate, So for example, mutation has a 45 second recharge rate, with 20% cooldown reduction, this becomes 45 * 0.8 = 36, meaning the gauge is full at 36 seconds instead of 45. in a later patch all gauges will be changed to be 100, points gained per second is Total points / Recharge rate = points per second, 100/45 = 2.2 points per second, at 100/36 you get 2.7 points per second. This is important for skills that cost less then total gauge, Tuning/iceage will cost 50 each cast later, which means that at 30 seconds for full redadvent recharge, you are looking at 15 seconds per cast, or 2 gauge per second.

Future swaps

In a future patch creator will be given a buff that maxes at 10 naturally, giving 2% skill damage per level and reducing enemy defense by 25% for 5 seconds whenever you hit them(1 stack), it also gives 1% crit chance per level iirc.

only the skill damage/crit stack, its 20% skill and 10% crit at level 10, And with full swaps it is 51% skill damage and 20% crit(?)

Weapon = Strange insect tail(Anton broom.) +11% skill damage additive
Top = Metalline/Legacy top(?) +1 level
Bot = Seagods/Metalline +1 level
Shoulder = Magic cata + 2 level
Sub = Forgotton land +1 to level 30 sub/Watch + 1 level
High tech ring(?) +1 level
6pc echon set effect for (Shoes/Belt/Bracelet/Necklace/Magic stone/Earrings) +1 level
Avatar top +1
Plats +2

Total = +10 and 11% extra or a total of 51% skill damage.

Things with (?) im not sure if got changed, but I assume they did, any help on that would be helpful.


Hmm found this out today, not sure if im just boosted and didnt know about this, but this works to proc civ/werry/reset with no manacost, no gauge cost and a pretty fast animation. Pretty neat figure id share

Seems to be about as fast as cast ice/fire back and forth but those drain mana for no real gain, can mix in ice rocks and meatballs whenever they off cd if you really need to spam skills harder hue


ded tater tot



I mean I’m around, but too lazy to upload even short videos (also in-game recording fucks up my connection with people).


:radioactive: Cre8 is doomed :radioactive:


anyone have an idea how werry compares to upgraded savior?


Upgraded savior is 40% base skill damage and still 20% released right?

That would make it 1.4 * 1.2 = 1.68x modifier when released(Always pretty much.)

Werry is 64% IA at max stacks, assuming you are SC for example and 5 sense, I think that puts you at 30% IA i think, which makes werry a 49% increase or 1.49x boost at max stacks.

if you are say infinites + fiend, its a 1.57x increase

this does not account for +2 tree and tree gauge buffing tree damage, without a doubt, Werry will have better tree damage. but other damage will suffer slightly.

Basically, it all depends on which upgraded set you have, your accs, and how important tree damage is to you. ive been finding tree is good, but it isnt worth stacking everything for tree at the cost of more useful universal stats, so take it as you will


I’m probably going to be SC + triple avarice. I would be lacking skill damage, so should I just use savior? I flipped a staff, and its just been collecting dust in my safe because I was thinking about saving my PEs for werry.


What would be the best weapon for a creator from hells? I’m currently using raccoon vacuum and got Newlington but i don’t wanna refine it yet because 20% extra damage doesn’t sound super good without high ele.

Should i wait for gleipnir or werry?


Well first, test your damage. Even if Newlington is doing worse than Rac Vac atm, it serves as a good Tog-Away weapon.

As for what’s the best weapon, it kind of depends on preference. Werry might be strongest, but Newlington doesn’t require build-up. Gleipnir doesn’t require build-up either, but you might have to consider if your party has shred. Don’t forget Que Sera Sera, it’s not a bad option considering comboing is a joke with our multi-hits.

My personal preference: I haven’t gotten a newlington nor have I used Gleipnir, but damn do I regret not doing so. When I upgrade my savior rod, Werry is getting its ass thrown out so fast it won’t leave cracks in the pavement.