Chaos General


ah need to click the down arrow and go to ferman specifically I forgot to do that. A friend of mine works on mods from time to time and lets me test/use em.

damage will always vary a bit between 1a/2a/genocide but they should always be top 3
When i test I tend to do the following
set up settings on ferman( 105 boss one , statoinary/boss/counter and super armor)
pot up(int/vigor)
+10 brainstorm swap
shadow guide swap
proc all 3 civ while charging up
when all 3 are up I aten command /pet/warlord pot then start the timer
resonance minions/wicked blood charge up with twist.
I start with
genocide crush
back up slightly
if he’s not dead i final attack and would smash brawl


And why’s that? Hebron benefits Fiend users more than anyone else. It’d just widen the gap.


why would fiend benefit more than anyone else from heblon?


No that isn’t true if anything you benefit less from hebron compare to other upgraded sets lol.

These are my chart

Only used savior release + 10% summer pet. Standard dopes. (i did 2nd awakening top and pet swap cause thats what I usually do). Blood transfusion is maxed but at 1 TP point.

All of my gear +10 amp besides dkt. Max Ele enchants + water element (ferman water resistance is 0).
Missing some ele damage due insignia.


WHEW LAD okay I’m not regretting my choice now. Feeling a lot better now. Just missing the amps and some ele but there’s hope. Thanks a lot. Especially since I’m also 2/3 civ too. But I’m curious what buffs did you do to cause your numbers to be in orange?


I just turn crit on cause im missing 1% crit :^)


Were these individual skills with respawned fermans or normal kill? I wanna see a timed kill if you got one to see how it compares to SC


At that damage timed kills would roughly be the same since the sequence isn’t different. Ferman doesn’t have enough hp to survive a typical rotation which is why you would need to check individual skills


Time kills don’t mater anymore, you are there to see the damage of each of your skills now.


Are there any swap set changes after origin? I think it’s 6pc shadow queen now? What else?


6pc shadow guide and after +10 brainstorm you get green tainted brainstorm filler
also make sure you get summon 2 rage hate / 2 vamp children / 1 queen/ 1 twinkle because you can summon 2 twinkles which is a damage loss due to twinkle being garbage.



Best measurement of burst and/or DPS after a certain point is running Luke normals solo.


If anyone still visits this place just video of me selling on chaos.


brilliant genocide on quatro hand that disappears heh


made a jump chaos, one Chaos build plz k thanks . _ . ;