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Neople plz fix chaos


Please unnerf my class


This is the best joke i’ve seen so far


I have no idea what I’m looking at


It’s an attempt at chaos damage calculation. Apparently genocide does way more than 1st/2nd awakenings and for some reason they don’t use max soldier/magician layout. On the right it lists the stuff. Looks like 5 voras/3viking/3gel/2spin/1 big daddy and 0 wacky/1artist/2vampire/2ragehat/1 queen? it’s very weird. Resonance has lowest dps in the game kekekekek. Most of the chart is fairly accurate though( chaos isn’t one of them).


why does my class suk


Man its been a while, but I swear I hit like a potato on my chaos especially at luke. Some days I’m going in for like 12b on luke others its a paltry 5b. How are some of your guys ferman times? Running, Crow, 5s, 2/5 civ and I get about 25 sec ferman time.


I’ve been around 15 sec or so with dg. For luke it really depends on a lot of factors but I don’t think i’ve ever seen a 12b unless you mean total damage. Damage is fine on chaos it’s just a lot of her mechanics are dumb.


Yeah of course 12b total. Just it sometimes gets real hard to get the resonance and wicked blood infusion esp if things happen. I guess I’m sort of jealous seeing like equally geared mechs blow stuff up without trying :frowning:


chaos has some real problems with their skills on luke to be honest. 2a can be pre casted but 1a tends to last too long as the uppercut usually tends to happen when he decides to Iframe. It’s definitely much more annoying/harder to set up than any other class that is for sure. It’s just something you deal with playing the class. However if timed well the damage is definitely there.


Yeah it’s getting real frustrating sometimes. But at least I’m 4/5 Nagaraja so maybe I’ll finally feel opop lol


She’s currently the least popular according to the latest popularity contest tier list. Due to all the bugs and difficulty with setups. But this shouldn’t deter people because she’s still hits like a detailed bullet train


the problem with this is that all classes are capable of damage with less set up/issues with mechanics.


Is heaven’s luck sword a BiS?


no it isn’t a BIS . It’s a very good weapon for an 85 though and you could opt to use it for a swap although we have kill joe sword and broken destiny as the best weapon swaps since it’s +3 vs +2 brainstorm.


So far choosing between epics to transfer with event stone


Not sure how many of us are on here with an upgraded set, but what are your ferman times looking at with one? Mines spotty at 17 secs (up from crow which was 25 secs) and sometimes less which makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong, but sometimes Genocide hits for like 1.3b other times for only 900m but results in the same time. This is with Nagaraja, sadly only +10 for now, no amps.


it really depends on how amped your gear is also what swaps are you doing for ferman? This was a quick test on him with SC +10 amped/savior +10amped and 5s +11 amped.
shadow guide for minions but i didnt bother to swap behemoth back. It’s also with 5/5 wicked blood tp 5 stack.

I’d imagine venator would pull ahead a good bit until people start finishing heblon


I’m doing the usual 10 brainstorm with shadow guide. Didn’t swap pet just using the WW pet active. Outside of that I have only amped Rosetta and Pars. Can’t get consistant damages though. Sometimes 2A is strongest, sometimes 1A, and sometimes genocide ;/

By the way, where did you get the UI mod? Can’t seem to find any.