Can't music mod anymore?


I made a change to some of the game’s .ogg files like I always do, but it seems like it won’t work this time.


There is a Music Changer Tool in EXNPK but nobody in DFOG tried this. :sweat_smile:
This is copyrighted and the re-upload currently cannot be posted.


Ok so i’ve used this tool but with finding the game directory I believe that wont work because possibly the tool doesnt recognize DFOG is a proper directory please correct me if im wrong


Well, I have tried this software.
It’s confusing that the software can only recognize DNF.exe but we only have DFO.exe. So that’s the point - Go to DFO folder and create an empty file named “DNF.exe”, and then click Select Game Directory (选择游戏目录) - Select DNF Game Directory (选择DNF游戏目录) on the upper right of the software then it will be possible to modify the music of DFO. :thinking:

EDIT: I have submit a feedback on that thread about it being unable to recognize DFOG and ARAD client.


Dude thank you so much