Can't choose class


So I’m new to the game and before play it seriously I wanna be sure on the class I tried em till the part u can try all the aweken.
So the class i have doubt about are M slayer blade master and ghostblade Fslayer blade master and M gunner raven


Then what classes are you leaning towards? Cuz you wouldn’t necessarily list those classes if you have doubts. But since we’re here regardless…

Blade Master is a synergy class in which he shreds enemy defenses and some of his properties change with each weapon he holds (commonly weapons people lean towards are Zanbato and Katana).

Ghostblade is a very strong DPS that will carry you through the story campaign without even trying. His best damage ultimately comes from how well you combine his skills with his ghost’s. Very fun to use even if I chose not to completely TB graduate him. Highly recommend if you want something next-level for your new player experience.

Sword Master is also a DPS concentrating on elemental damage. Her weapon type and Elemental Shift determines her moveset and how her other skills function, with varying differences.

Raven I know even less about other than some pretty good burst DPS.

That’s the best I can tell you, so take what you will ask around on reddit or character discords. Those guides are not quite up to date, but they will give you the general idea of how their skills work, buffs and reworks notwithstanding.