Bring back megathread


I’m making conscious, sober decisions to visit Reddit rather then Nexus.

There are very little interesting topics or discussions going on here.

And I remember reading somewhere it’s gone cuz you don’t want the search function being congested with unrelated shit. But I think that’s a small price to pay for some traffic :man_shrugging:

Just throwing my vote in.


Thank you for actually giving us some feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

I’ll discuss this with the other staff members (I’ve been thinking about this myself recently) and we’ll see what we all think!


I’m with Roc on this one, bring back the mega thread! I loved those threads, and we definitely need an option to change this layout. Just adding some more feedback.


Thanks for the feedback!

What types of things would you like to see changed (or have the option to change) regarding the layout? We can’t go back to the way it used to be for obvious reasons, but we are more than willing to adjust this current one. Feel free to make a separate thread with suggestions if you would like.

We’ve seen people complain about the layout but nobody has actually spoken to us about what they don’t like or what they would like to change/see differently. Posting “the new site sucks” or “the layout is horrible” randomly in discord isn’t helpful at all. We can’t exactly read minds so any actual suggestions for improvements are more than welcome.


I personally just want a more traditional looking forum layout, the closer you can get to the looks of the previous Nexus or a basic looking discussion forum the better. There are just too many things I really dislike about this current layout that make this site unappealing to me.


Understood. We will definitely try to mess around with the layout and stuff and see what we can do.

If there is anything specific you can think of that you would like to see or see changed, please just let us know. Specifics would be very helpful as it would give us an idea on what to focus on first. Either post it here or in the Nexus discord. You can also feel free to PM me or any of the staff here or on Discord if you would like (My discord is Ark#7258). Basically anywhere where one of the staff members can see it lol.


@Loujitsu, how does the vanilla discourse theme feel for you?

I think it’s probably just better to start from scratch on the theme. If anyone has some problem spots with the basic theme, we can work from there.


I don’t know… The theme just seems so basic at the moment. The thing I loved about the old nexus was how stylized it was. The pictures felt nice and having a choice between light and dark colors that fit the game really helped.

Like this nexus feels like a general forum. Old Nexus had a more homestyle vibe and was mobile friendly. Having some more curves would also be helpful to fix the boxed in format.

The current changes are doing well to bring back the key components and features, it would just help to bring back the comfortable feeling.


This is the vanilla discourse theme with some very small tweaks right now.

I’m going to work on incremental CSS/resource changes and build up from getting the resources/layout right first. I tried using an open-sourced material theme and adjusting off there, and that clearly didn’t work.

As much as I’d love to just have the old DFONexus look back, any and all old DFON resources were wiped out when the site first went down. The ‘backups’ were snapshots by the host, which the host also deleted.

Let me know if mobile experience still has issues on the vanilla-ish Discourse theme. It should be better with default CSS.


I don’t see the connection between “interesting discussion” and Megathreads. There’s been a place to discuss supposed interesting discussion for quite a while and nothing came of it.