Blood Mage General


i can one turn agnes now :man_shrugging:


am I the first bloodmage who have done luke raid?

btw ,feel free to join my bloodmage guild, BloodyHeaven


No, there have been a few bloodmages who did Luke Raid, even on day 1 release


if I play this game sooner, I would be the first

I want to host some bloodmage only raids in the future, so I am looking some allies rn


What is the current build for blood mage now? i currently do not have tacticians contract


Max all 45+skills
leave torment at 1
leave offering at 1
leave blood wings at 1
max fang/shikari
you can now choose to dump into lilroi, soul steal, or hellberus
for tp get Shikari/Fang/Corruption, any left over tp put into whatever you dumped into


Man, I gotta say, I’m absolutely loving how easy clearing Tower of Anguish is on Blood Mage. I get to teleport, I get to shred defenses, I get to hold/hitstun enemies CONSTANTLY, I get to heal myself, and over half of my skills don’t even cost MP.

I feel Blood Mage is one of the most unfairly strong characters in ToA, hahaha


Don’t forget immortality.

This patch has finally convinced me to change my main from Crusader to Blood Mage. He’s just too good all around.


its a 3 pc ekon set acc
what u mean
just replaced neckalce with anton neck and it does more dmg still


unsure on what kind damage you were expecting, this is a holder type class so training room numbers not gonna be big af


GUILD BLOODYHEAVEN LF: all bloodmagesimage


Blood Mage Rework coming with lvl 95 cap.


can you give more details about the rework ?


I have no clue why people say it’s trash
Granted I don’t raid, I just play loads of shit solo, but this class is awesome
Feels like alucard with all the blood’n shit I love it


Biggest change is they gave him magic def reduction on top of his physical def reduction. The rest is just a bunch of damage increases and a couple minor QoL improvements, like Corruption no longer moves you through grab immune enemies and you can reduce the repositioning component of Hellberus by pressing the down key. And Phantom Veil got an x-axis range increase.