Blood Mage General


Blood Mage General Discussion.

Some basic FAQ:

What is this class?

Blood Mage is one of the three newer male mage classes introduced. It is a physical percent character who’s specialty can be said to be dealing damage through their hold combos. Many of the class’s skills are superholds, making this class fit a holder or utility dealer role.

I hear this is a "dead class"?

That is up the individual perspective, but it is true that this class is looked down upon on on most “tier lists”. Whether that reflects actual performance is another debate for another time. That said, that shouldn’t discourage anyone from playing a class. If the style of the class fits your likings, you can make it achieve the same things as any other highly regarded classes. It might take a bit more work in comparison, but there are people out there playing so called “dead classes” doing the same things top tier would do.

So how do I go about gearing this class?

This class has no true weapon mastery, so any of the mage weapons aside from the exclusive broom can be used. That said, in any sceanario where two similarly stated weapon are being compared, the choice will almost always be to use a spear.
As for armor, an ancient legendary set (6 piece Dusky West/Gracia, 5 piece Sea God’s) with some decent offslots should be enough for a position in a party in Anton Raid as a subdealer/holder. This is where the bad perception of this class will become more prominent however, as many pub leaders will be reluctatnt to accept you at similar gear levels as some better regarded classes.
Swap gear will be outlined in the next question.

What swap gear do I need?

Blood Burn swapping for the time being involves levels and a 6 piece chronical set.

Ideally, you will want to get +10 levels of Blood Burn through the remaining slots after 6 piece. Each level increases Blood Burn’s skill damage by 2%

Red Redemption’s 6 piece effect increases Blood Burn’s skill damage value by an additive 10%.

Currently, to achieve level 20 Blood Burn with 6 piece Red Redemption will require platinum emblems (unless you have a wargod top).
+2 Incomplete Infinity Pierce, +1 Lv25 or higher Halidom Mage Weapon
+1 Top (Halidom/Metaline)
+1 Bottom (Ghost Train/Metaline)
+1 Ring (High-Tech)
+1 Sub-Equipment (King’s Secret Book/Silver Watch)
+1 Creature (Petite Vampire Lord/Three Kingdoms/Behemoth)
+1 Avatar Top
+1~3 Platinum Emblems (the 3rd is only applicable if you obtained the limited Unique Motion Aura)
+1 Title (Sweet Dreamer Cat/Squirrel)

The item slots included allow for the remaining 6 slots to be used to the Chronicle set.

In a future change, most classes recieve tainted Chronicle gear they can use to minmax their buff swaps.
Tainted pieces will give 1% multiplicative increase per item, and weapon will be 2%.
When this change is implemented, additional levels not placed in gear slots will allow further increase to Blood Burn’s skill damage as you replace gear slots with taints.
Lastly, with this change, the legendary spear Lava Panaka will have a renewed effect that gives an additive 8% skill damage to Blood Burn. This spear is a drop from Magtonium Five in Normal or Heroic Black Volcano, the last dungeon of Anton, or can be a reward from Anton Raid.

Class might be on life support currently, but there is a future waiting…probably.

Here are the things to look forward to in upcoming updates.

Character Balance from KDnF 25/5/2017


  • Absorbtion series skills will apply a Physical Defense Reduction debuff to enemies hit (23% at all levels).
  • Physical Attack Buff value adjusted.

Dead Hands

  • X-axis range of basic attacks increased.


  • MP consumption reduced.


  • Grab hitbox judgement time increased.
  • MP consumption reduced.


  • Skill process time reduced.

Soul Steal

  • Blood Vessels no longer narrow towards the center.


  • Invulnerability added to the after delay of the skill.


  • Startup delay reduced.

Rumble Dog

  • Skill Process time adjusted to be faster.
  • MP consumption reduced.


  • Jump speed and wing unfolding speed increased.

Sanguis Verus

  • Absorbtion series skills will recover HP when hitting enemies whtn Sanguinem gauge is full.

Phantom Veil

  • Formation time decreased.
  • Added the effect to check for hold every hit instead of only the initial bite.
  • MP consumption decreased


  • Holding the skill key after activation will maintain the gathering effect. The skill will immediately proceed to the stab when the key is released.

Blood Stream

  • Startup time decreased.


is this class alive yet


Dedmages unite! All 3 or 4 of us. lol


Waiting for new patch for blood boy. It’s so easy to farm with this class.


what do you farm? i want to make gold and i LOVE vampire hes my main rn.


what do you mean, like for legendary gear+ or farming grandine


i want to make GOLD


then farm grandine all day and sell the magtoniums


pls buff bloodmage, this character’s setting is obviously not fair to us, with the full epic set and only deals 1/6 dmg compare to F-splitfire. If you guys haven’t notice this issue then you guys must be blind,this character literally deals no dmg no matter how many money we put in there, this character’s existence is clearly meaningless right now.


you think there is a new patch? Iam telling you now, these people dont even give a shet to bloodmage, they aint going to buff bloodmage till 10 years later ,or till this game ded,


I think you are over exaggerating a bit here, but yes the class does need to be buffed and will get some buffs in the future. I feel they should get a little more than they will be getting, but I’ll take what I can get.


you know what they did to the bloodmage in newest patch in KDFO? -10 second CD in 1st Awakening skill, and nothing more. They dont even give a shit to this class! They do not even intend to improve this game system


This is the burden you have to cope with when you play a class that has been neglected since it’s very conception (I don’t recall a single moment where mmage was ever decent since they got patched in).

Part of the reason why Neople probably doesn’t care (who knows I dont read korean) is because there’s hardly any M.mage kDNF players in general testing shit and complaining as much as other classes do (prime example, Battle Mage mains complained for years for FIXES).

Your position should be, like Brim said, just take what you can. Enjoy the class, it’s still great. It’s more playable after the Phys synergy rework. Just wait for the buffs that makes mmage not a complete joke and somewhat half of a class.

Cheers. -A guy that plays all 5 M.mages and nothing else.


There’s a patch we haven’t even received for them yet where they do get buffs. The patch you’re speaking of is where most classes got nerfed anyway, so I’m fine with only getting just a 10 sec cooldown (or nothing at all)instead of a nerf. Neople treats pretty much all of the mmage classes outside of dimension walker like crap anyway, but complaining about it on this forum doesn’t actually help anything. Our Neople isn’t going to fix anything, they will only give us what the main branch gives KDNF. So deal with it or play another class until they do fix it.


i guess you missed the entirety of the physical synergy patch which not only buffs the damage we deal, but also gives us some shred and speeds up a SHIT ton of our skills, and ofc if you go into the training room with counter on its not gonna do much, you still hold everything.


I gotta get used to these sped up skills, but class feels a lot better now. I crushed my old rift time and then realized I was still wearing my swap wep. lol


the speed feels amazing
especially sped up fatality


doesnt fix trash damage
im using 3 pc gentleman w/ night shadow bottom, NG top, goddess spear, fishball, bridal pearl, ekon acc, and trash chaos mstone still do ABSOLUTELY NO DAMMAGE, atleast cmpared to gracia mnen


sounds like a setup that does no damage


In all fairness, that setup isn’t that great. Also no one is claiming that they’ll do top tier damage now, but they’re way better off than they were prior to this update.