Black Desert Online


Anyone playing BDO here? :thinking:


I sure do. Started a couple of months back, very casual on it. Haven’t played it too much the past couple weeks for various reasons though, but the game is pretty fun.


played it super casually, I’m like level… 30 something? have an archer and a uhhh… kunoichi?


Active BDO player here.
Been playing A LOT more recently cause I’m burnt out on DFO. :sob:

Lvl 56 dark knight (just awakened), small trade company set up, supplying all my workers with nothing but booze in exchange for their work. :sunglasses:

It’s a great game.


I bought it when it released but my computer isn’t good enough to smoothly play the game :v
I have a 50 Witch in Calpheon I haven’t logged on to for months now.


waiting for mystic to release, then ill play it until awakening and then uninstall the game


I played casually with some friends but one of them lost interest and the other had his computer die out on him, I followed random advice and grinded a Ninja striker and Musa to lv56 so if i ever do take a break i’d get alot of money when i decide to come back to the game through some honor system.


played a lot a while ago, now i’m just on and off depending on what there is to do. most of the times i would just do life skills and stalk marketplace for the cute outfits.

now i’m just waiting for mystic so i can make use of the returnee bonus for 30 days and resume the same shit i’ve been doing but while playing the new class.


On the Endless grind for memory fragments and upgrading the boss gear I have. 58 witchy and climbing(very slowly) who has interest in mystic but not sure if i’d reroll since I love my cute witchy. Spend too much time lifeskilling too.


I wonder if they will release the SEA version of BDO.


Anyone else eager to play Mystic in a couple days?


Well, I would be if I wasn’t bored AF of BDO.

So… RIP :sweat: