BiS for Avengers


Curious as to what armor set/weapon/accessories should Avengers aim for.


Nagaraja, Supercontinent, and Gespenst are all very good upgraded sets to aim for. You can freely take your pick between the three.

Soul Devourer is REALLY good, but Savior’s Triumph wins out in the end.

5 Senses are still the best accessory set to get, but Infinite Avarice are also really good.


Out of curiosity is there a set which is considered best post beast revamp? since Nagaraja doesn’t affect our very good low level passives. The extra ranks in 1A from Gespent only increase demonize since execution is capped at rank 1 and Supercont didn’t receive the love the other sets did with the update?


From what I found the strongest avenger in dnf uses Nagaraja. Quite of the few in the top 10 use supercont though.