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when the game forces you to go fiend when you want supercont

Merlin’s legendary bead v. 5 pct crit.
After the changes +1 level to both twister and raging fury seems very good but would it be worth it to use with a critless set like fiend venator.
Assuming olympus aura cycles back in I could get pretty close to cap but not quite (98.1% after adding hidden base).

edit: dug up this patchnote from nexon website we should have 5pct crit from basic armor mastery eventually?? so will be able to hit crit cap without the 5pct bead but still have to sacrifice eledmg and str to do so. source:


It’s all up to which you which set you want to upgrade, a lot of people (depending on class) in kdnf save up their monoliums until they complete radiant in order to upgrade it to supercont. I mean with your kind of luck it’s only a matter of time until you finish radiant anyways.


eh i’ve heard their close enough i just like the art on supercont way more
also prob gonna be running time gate hells as soon as i get refined for chance at time defier ring


Anyone else have a bug where when you cast Blood Riven your character goes invisible for like 1/4 of a second (the initial sphere of blood around you at the start of the cast just doesn’t show)


if you mean where the riven/sphere kind of blinks in and out of existence then yeah… i get that alot.

i only get it on my surface pro 3 and not my desktop though so idk if its a computer issue or a game issue


I think it is a computer issue but I only started noticing after the recent update, which only added the new events afaik.


Looks like us zerks are getting some nice changes on Tuesday.


so whats yalls opinion of the new twister :eyes:
rather where did yall dump your skill points


I max and TP maxed Twister. I am in love with the new Twister; It’s the buff that’s been a necessity for literal years. It now outdamages Blood Sword and Twister only requires one target to max out the damage!


Anyone got some sort of a build they could share? I feel like I’m maxing out the wrong things.


This is the template that I run currently. It’s the most effective for me, but a few things could be adjusted to your preference.


Apparently, Zerk can also do some amazing things in PvP.

I love Zerk combos.


How does one make a fast Zerker in PvP? Mine still feels sluggish even with a Katana.

Also, what combos are there other than the ones in-game?


Anyone with a Berserker able to record a video for me?

There’s a bug where Additional Lines of damage (Elenore or what have you) doesn’t get the counter multiplier if you use Thirst to bleed enemies.

Here is a set of Thirst versus another form of bleeding.

Here is a similar set with Counter on.

As you can see, the Zerker player seems to be missing on the Counter attack double-dipping that usually happens with additional lines of damage when he uses Thirst.

If someone could quickly record this, I’d appreciate it. I’m sending a bug report on this, but I don’t actually have a Zerker that can demonstrate this. :weary:


derange+attack/movement speed avatars+botis should be reasonable

Combos usually start with either ashe fork shockwave, mountainous wheel, raging fury, guard+upward slash, or x+bloodlust cancel

after that, it’s up to you how to continue the combo. Really just xxx and/or air xxx in between skills. Have thirst on constantly (or activate mid-combo) so that you can launch them from bloodlust.


So for 90 weapons, whats everyones preference? assuming you aren’t crafting soldoros’ recommendation. i have world pen and excal tho i use world pen as my main. Cursed sword is one i want for crit n PMI after rework.


I’d personally stick with world pend until upgraded savior of choice.


Alot of the zerkers I see are 12/12 upgraded and I’ve been playing since beta and not 5/12. Rng wtf, can’t wait for 95 cap shit like this won’t happen