Berserker / F.Nen LF> Raid Static

Berserker's Info

Have Pendulum, Savior Zanbato, Excalibur and Muramasa. All Refine 8.
Sensory Accessories are +9 amp’d.
2.7k STR, 290 Shadow Damage and 312 Light Damage in town.
Crit Rate is capped in dungeon.
Derange swap is Lv.30 + 6pc Brutal Madman + Gaiters.
All enchants are the best ones beside 2 Accessory ones (need 2 Nightmarish Nerbes for that).
Have 5/5 Full Plate, 5/5 NG and 5/5 MV.
Have all CD Reset stuff (Amnesia Ring, Watch, Trinity Eternia, 3/3 Time Defier).

F.Nen's Info

Savior is only +10 reinforced and +6 refined for now.
2.6k INT and 84 Light Damage in town.
Crit Rate is capped in dungeon.
Khai swap is 139% (missing +3 Title and 3 Plats in Avatars + Motion Aura).
Solar swap is Lv.17 + 3pc LotDF (missing +3 Title).
Have 5/5 Wesley and Wooyo’s Tonfa for another build of support (in case your party already have Centurion user).
Have Watch and Amnesia Ring for CD Reset stuff.

These days I’m really busy, but if you can give me a fixed time for your statics, I’ll find time to attend to both of them. I’d also prefer to test connection before doing Raid for obvious reasons.
I can be available at:
UTC: 04:00 – 12:00
KST: 13:00 – 21:00
PDT: 21:00 – 5:00
EDT: 00:00 – 08:00

Post here or in PM if you’re interested.


hi is ur fnen still looking for a group? you’d be perfect for our raid. looking for a tact support atm


Yeah, both are still available. If you’re still recruiting - just PM me here or message me in Discord (Judecca#2263).