Battlemage General


hey when do you have your guide open again, it was pretty helpful when doing leveling and stuff


I’ll try to get it back up again as soon as I can. It’s just down for major edits right now, and is kind of a mess, and the holiday season is eating into the time I would normally have to work on it.


Trying to decide what to use after finishing Full Power Plate. Using both Full Power Plate and Refined OV results in me having only 72 light damage and a ridiculous abundance of elenore. I have a Nornil Pet and after tomorrow will have a Petit Astarte pet, as well as Crit Smash from Full Plate. What would you guys do?


You can do full plate/star brac/capri neck/sky traveler ring with your special equips and have refined ring as a reset swap. This will give you elenore (IIP and full plate), smash (nornil pet), and crit smash (full plate shoulder).

If you get petite, you can still just use capri as it’s still 20% all atk. In that case, you can extinguish (not purify) the war goddess spear and use that if you want. I would also recommend saving up for a hot summer dream title at some point in the future.


Thank you! I was heavily considering saving up for a Dream title but concerned at my (further increasing) lack of elemental damage without the Oath of Light title.

Keeping my current epics in mind, other than Ele Dropper or NG is any other 85 set worth upgrading to from Full Plate? It seems like it wouldn’t be much of an increase to pick any set other than those two (or Tactical I suppose).


Probably tactical


Yeah tactical is a good one. It’s getting changed later on to not require a party to do full damage as well I think.


When will your guide be ready, sorry for asking again, I finally reached level 80 so I’ve been curious on what to do next.


outside of AS for swap set what OV set can i get to get through Ancients?


Any probably (maybe except death’s trapdoor). I would just go with any you finish, the chron 3 sets all focus on different skills but they are all decent.


I made a general battlemage guide to help with some common questions regarding battlemage (mainly to magical vs physical debate).
I’ll try to keep this up to date with swap ui/dnf august balance patch. Please let me know if anything seems wrong or missing so I can update it. Thanks.


Can someone throw the upgraded armor update info in KDNF? I hear that fiend will either be equal to if not, stronger than Super con. I want to see the info if possible to decide whether to upgrade my radiant set or bf set. Appreciate it in advance.