Battlemage General


Ideally, you’d want to use Luberum once you already have +10 on your other gear. But otherwise, it’s basically a pseudo +3 weapon.


This additional thing jus adds to w/e you got so it’ll always be a 4pct more than taint even at +10.


Taints on weapon are usually more than on armor, so I am assuming it’s about 4% instead of 2%.


Nope, translated at 2pct.


What do you guys think about the upgrade set ? Which one is best used for BM. Are there any dmg charts from Kr players that i can use for reference ?
Righ now i got 5/5 crow, 4/5 BF and 4/5 millenium and 3/5 BF :frowning:

I saw lots of clips on youtube and most of BM main used Fiend, soo how about other sets ?


How feasible is it to make an “all elemental” Echon set?


Why root yourself into one element like you’re Necro or Mech or Something?


All element on echon is as feasible as however much you’re willing to grind for it. It’s all rng, whether you get the element options, not to mention the amount of actual time it takes to upgrade and turn the pieces into a set means you’re gonna be at it for quite some time.


At the moment it’s going to be a bit of a pain but completely doable. Though if I remember correctly they later let you change the different option groups to another one, not too sure on that though but I hope that’s the case.


I should reiterate my question, probably. It’s more like “how good is an all elemental Echon set for BMage?”


About as good as a single-element set. The only benefit of being all-element is that if you want to change your stacked element, you don’t have to spend materials to change the options on your gear. No battlemage is ideally dealing more than one element of damage at endgame.


I’d assume it would remove some of the hassle that comes from switching Evo on and off during Apostilize just to use one element of chasers.


There’s no reason to turn Evo on during Apostlize. It reduces your damage, and Apostle chasers grant all the buffs already. I guess you might want it to multihit, but elemental damage on gear isn’t relevant to that.


I said nothing about using Evo for damage.

Unless generating a specific chaser (with the others turned off) is no longer an issue.


Yes, there is no need to generate a specific type of chaser in Apostle form.


That’s never an issue in apostle or with evo on. You’ll generate an evo/dragon chaser with anything that originally makes a chaser, even if you turn all except one off. Generally you want neutral on anyway since it takes your inflict.


Is Petit pet still worth it after they remove skill damage from Apostlize?


The calculations to give an answer to that are pretty complicated and also will tend to scale with each individual’s gear. There’s no question that losing 3% skill damage is a big hit, but a level in Apostlize is still good for a big Dimension Rend as well as chaser damage. Maybe someone in kDnF knows, but the rest of us probably have to wait until it happens and then beat up Ferman to get an idea.

If you want a guess, I think it gets worse enough that the Behemoth and 3 Kingdoms pets overtake it. Not so sure about the more marginal options like Battleroids or Samba pets. So far in DFO if you have the choice of more damage taken in tiny little bits added to all your abilities, or as a large chunk of damage added to one big ability, you take the big hit every time.

So the probable answer is worse, but not worthless. It obviously still beats pets that give smash when you don’t need smash, and there are a fair number of those. It probably beats small passive always-on bonuses like +15 elemental damage, and it probably loses to giant chunks of stats. A tipping point exists where a bigger Rend is enough to save the use of one or two other abilities, resulting in a large time save, but this point will be different for every boss and gear setup and basically impossible to calculate.

In the worst-case scenario it’s probably still viable as a realtime swap for Dimension Rend. I can’t really think of a scenario where a pet has stats so good that it improves Rend more than +1 Apostlize will.


um i need access to the google doc guide its not letting me access it for some reason and it’s frustrating because i was just viewing it.


can someone gibve me access to the google doc pleeeease??