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Also what is the point of light chaser in PVE? isn’t it just higher launch?


light chaser for the att spd buff. Not really use for launch mobs


Are you talking about palm blast? You probably don’t need that many tp points in palm tbh. Bms have a good number of tps to get. Missing the 2 tp isn’t too bad tbh. It does let you max out tps for fusion chaser, meteor, spear, chaser launcher, and one other big skill (full swing/punto).


So how much more phys attk does spear have than pole due to mastery after future patch?

Is it a lot or a little or inbetween or equal?

Can’t decide whether to buy Savior pole or spear for the future patch as pole right now has more phys atk than spear due to mastery.


anyone got a battle mage guide, like what to level or max?

with just a pic works


Here’s a link to the current version of my rewritten guide from the old Nexus. It isn’t quite finished yet, needs a couple more editing passes and some other stuff - but the information is still valid and mostly up to date.


Thanks for that guide, helps me a ton actually.


That guide is super helpful!!

With the idea that we need to swap kept in mind… If I acquire these item sets now (ring, sea god bottoms, 6pc chron, etc) will it be RETROACTIVE or should I just wait until the patch hits??
If anyone happens to know.

Also this happened today!!!


If you work to get the swap items now they will change when the patch happens. I had the swap set for summoner prepared in advance for when the summoner changes came through and it updated the items when it happened.


That’s great news!! I’ll be working on that then. c:


Just want to ask, does stacking apostilize lv before we used it worth ?


I’m not sure what the question is exactly, but Apostlize levels have no effect before you acquire the skill or while transformation is not active. It’s valued as highly as it is because it’s such a large boost while active, even if you can’t reset its cooldown.


I think he might be asking if we can snapshot apostilize levels and im pretty sure the answer to that is no since apostilize is a live skill


What i mean is, beside the dimesion rend full swing after you transform, the normal skills and basic attack are also buffed. If we stack apostlize and transform, and swap back, though the A2 skill is staying the same but other skills are buffed . So is it worth it or not


Oh and do BMers us have discord, really love to discuss and look for guide but i cant find any.


As Rainbows said, Apostlize is a real-time skill. The moment you take off the +1 gear, every Apostlize value goes back down. That includes Apostle chaser damage and the skill damage bonus that applies to every other skill. It’s not just not worth it - it doesn’t work.


hi, and now i’m a bit confused here.
1/ Magical Teana tooltip said will change Teana Transformation, and certain Apostilize skill to fix magic dmg. So what are the “certain skills” that will be corverted ? For example twinkle smash or apostle dance are they will be fix magic dmg or still be percentage physical dmg after i learn the skill

2/ Conversion, tooltip again, said that will change skils to phy or magic vice versa, so that is magic fix dmg or percentage magic dmg ? Am i understand something wrong here ?

And finally if i learn the magical teanna, so all the beads i should just focus on INT/STR or IA right ? Because a friend of mine asked whether he could use a magic dmg bead

  1. Magical Teana affects only Teana damage (x-attack, Broad Swing, Sky Toss), Teana chasers, Apostle chasers, Dimension Rend, and Quasar Explosion. Each skill affected in this way has a [Magical Teana effects] section under their option description tab.

  2. Conversion only affects a tiny list of low-level skills, that you can see in the description tab. Battlemages should always have Conversion set to Default or Physical.

Yes, if you have Magical Teana on, only primary stat and independent attack do anything. We do not use the Magical Attack stat for anything, and our Magical Attack is always way less than our Physical Attack.


How big a deal 6pct from Luberum? How does it compare to +1 weapon and +2 weapon?


Each level I assume is 2%.