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Try Hanton Smoke. and do a nugol 105 test as well.


i actually managed to clear smoke! this was my first try of the night (second try where i used pots didn’t get past tog but that was mostly my fault)

then uhh heres a vid of 105 nugol w/o pots

is this about average for my gear?


Alright, a few more question.

Can you take a SS of your highest ele dmg in dungeon? As well as what cube contract do you use.

Also take a SS of your skill build.

Third what reinforcement / refinement do u have on Sera?

Your dmg seems a bit low for your gear, as well as you don’t really have a source of smash.

And er. Your damage rotation on Nerbe is is kinda weird. If you cannot kill Nerbe before he orbs, you should always do orbs first before u blow all your big skills.

moreover, you swapped to Reset ring and never swap back to your damage gear. This case it’s sky ring w/ like 3% bonus dmg so it doesn’t matter, but always remember to swap back.


i basically keep my ele’s around the same because i dont have enough money to get pandemonium ele beads, so i just use a +3 for whichever ele my party is.

idek what i did for my build at this point

QSS is +10/8, and i need smash BUT I CANT GET THE GOTDAMN 5S RING

my rotation on nerbe was messed up because it was like 1am when i recorded that vid and i was sleepy but, i will orb first next time.
I didn’t swap back to sky ring bcs i needed the skill resets 2 kill nerbe


Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong w/ this setup at all unless you are not using a cube contract. And if u have Executioner’s necklace u should try to do a dmg test w/ that on.


I’m usin white cube contract for those, but i change w/ whatever ele i’m goin. I also don’t have executioners necklace


You should turn off water chaser. I would honestly cut punto points until dash, neutral, light, and twinkle were maxed. If you don’t use full swing bring that to 1 and put those points into maxing the light/neutral chasers. I would also recommend maxing dash tp as it is a very strong skill. I personally don’t like max punto but that is a preference thing.

Do you have full armor title? You can try using that with your setup.

You need to make more use of your reset ring in smoke. An easy way to do so is just use basic skills like dash twinkle full swing on room 1, then when your cds are all up apostle and put on ring immediately then x atk tog and only use normal chaser launcher until apostle resets. This should be before or just after orbs. Once you get the reset you are free to rend and do whatever. I keep quesera on but I only have about 150 ele and newlingtons was weaker for me. As weebsky has said don’t try skipping orbs. It’s honestly more annoying to deal with him if he lands or gets up once during your combo.


If I can make a few other recommendations, you also may want to get more natural crit rate, as in the crit rate on equipment, avatars, etc. The more of that you have, the less you have to rely on shadow chaser to hit crit cap at 97%. Ergo, you’ll be able to pull points from Shadow chaser, and put them elsewhere.

Light Chaser is also not that much of a priority max. Personally, I find leveling it to around 25 is good enough. I’d also recommend maxing full swing over punto. They both have comparable damage, but full swing is a little cheaper, so you can put those points into maxing your other skills. When your shadow chaser gets low enough, you can consider going back to punto.

Here’s what my stats and skills look like, for comparison:



One thing I’ll mention is that don’t worry about comparing your stats to Cross. He has 3pc black formal which is a huge town steroid. If you have gold you will want at least some crit in order to get to 100% easily. Right now the sky traveler ring is helping you but you will have to get a shoulder bead or some anton beads to help in the future.


Spear or Pole Savior especially for future?


It doesn’t really matter. Unless you manage to reinforce it to +12 or higher, you’re mostly gonna be using the i.atk of the weapon. And even then, the magic fixed damage is hard to surmount. (high values, better party synergy, etc.)

I will say that if you decide to stack INT/m.crit for endgame, you’re probably better off with a pole. STR/p.crit can go with either one, but will probably benefit more from spear.


What skills can covert to fixed dmg/magic.


I believe it’s only Dragon chasers (and all chaser skills while transformed), ex punto final hit, quasar, teana, apostilize, and dimension rend are converted via magical teana.

Dragon spear is magical by default, but can be turned physical with rampage passive.


So Multirole jus boosts stats alone?


Whats the best avatar option for top and plats?


Multirole expands the magical teana conversion to ex punto and time bomb.

For avatar top use apostilize for now. For plats any mastery or cube or war goddess.


+12 Savior Pole is close in damage to +12 Savior Spear even after reinforce patch?

Does a future patch make their +12 difference negligent?

Why do most BMs choose Savior pole over Spear?


That’s not something I’ve seen, infact it’s been quite the opposite with que sera being the outlier due to its sheer strength


What does the question have to do w/ Que Sera?

Do poles generate far more chasers than spear?

What makes the pole do nearly as much dmg as spear even at +12? The dmg almost the same even after future update?

Magic BMs are always gonna be stronger than Phys BMs even after future patch?


Do the 2 levels in fire palm TP matter alot? I’m too much of a scrub to finish the PVP Quest for the extra TPs and I can’t be bothered to learn BM PVP. Its not a class I can just hop in and do whatever to win :expressionless: