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Do you enjoy playing bm or do you like playing tier lists? :< My love of this class comes before the time where being a transforming loli was our only redeeming quality.


Played since 40 cap. Still love the class. Even through the unbearable bugs.


Mained bug mage since 2011, hasn’t changed and probably never will as long as this game exists.


Ah, Nexus is back. Well, been playing battle mage since Nexon, back when I had no idea what I was even doing. Was my first to cap in DFOG, and so far, my only character in full epics… kinda. (still waiting on Black Formal top and shoulder…) Battle Mage main now, and forever.


Apparently the game wants me to be an Inquisitor main now, but I’ve been on Battlemage since early nexon days. I must say, it’s been a hell of a ride. She was the 2nd character I ever tried and coming from male spitfire being the first, it was WAAAAY more fun. I gotta wonder though… I play with a controller, so chaser spam has never been an issue for me, but I’d imagine it’d get to be painful on keyboard. How do you guys deal?


I actually don’t have any problems with mashing chasers, even before the all the mashing was streamlined. I keep my chaser hotkey “A”, which is pretty much right next to my “X” attack (same with EX chaser, at “S”). Even when I was mashing punto, it was kept close, at “Q”. It’s pretty much become second nature to keep three fingers hovering over those keys.

It probably also helps that I grew up in arcades, so I’ve kinda conditioned myself to treat my keyboard like an arcade board, except the stick is replaced by buttons, and the “stick” and buttons have reversed positions. If I were so inclined, I’d probably get a Hitbox, and play with that.


I’ve never struggled to spam chasers on keyboard but it might be because its all i played. I use A for chaser launcher so its relatively easy to alternate between it and basic attacks and all my other skills. The only time it felt painful was when I felt like killing ferman with chasers only. My arm was dead for a moment after i finished. While it was a fun experience, I don’t recommend it. :sweat: Its also nice to see old bm players who still love the class.


I have chaser launcher on v, auto attack on x. Then skills around there.


Anyone recall the chron set that will be a future swap for buffing War Goddess?


Adrenaline Shock is the swap for War Goddess.


New swap setup:
6pc Adrenaline shock (shoulder belt shoes bracelet necklace magic stone)
+1 top (halidom or anything with + 1 lvl 20)
+1 bottom (sea gods or anything with + 1 lvl 20)
+1 sub (time watch or or anything with + 1 lvl 20)
+1 high tech ring (should get changed later to have this)
+1-3 title
+1 pet (anything with +lvl 20 skill range)
+1 regular avatar top
+3 plats
Weapon : anton legendary pole (+6%)
Then taints when you hit cap


New to BM, any tips on which TPs to pick?


Chaser launcher, dash, dragon strike, fusion chaser. You can either do full swing/punto depending which you max, then dump the rest into basic training/palm blast/chaser upgrade


Question: any guide on what Echon pieces option / Set option for battle mage yet?


Turbo on X n both launchers :slight_smile:


Same as most other dps, aim for B/C groups. You shouldn’t need too much crit to cap, so focus on double ele or patk+iatk/ele.


I feel like I’m not doing the damage other that I see other battlemages doing,

I still can’t solo smoke and with warlords cry, mind stim, undiluted int, and vigor pots i still can’t kill ferman in one apostilize.
I’m not sure what like, differences I need to make to like, be able to solo smoke or do luke raid.


can u record a video?


yeah i can record a vid, should it be me trying to do smoke or ferman or