Guild Name: BasedGods

Guild Region: North America

Guild Type: PvE, casual leaning towards endgame.

Guild Website: Check out our Discord! Discord

Guild Contact (IGNs): KiroKiyazaki, iLynn, Inspiration, Shuunsuke, Shootandgut, Coins, JotaroJostar, MechaDei (OmegaDei), BearClawz, LycaonFenrir

Ally Guild: HellParty

Guild Description: Ever wonder where that Wasabi guy in your raid always goes for fun? Or that KingGeno guy on Reddit chills? Come join BasedGods and find out. With no less than 10-15 people online and active during peak times, we enjoy daily shenanigans in various dungeons and event dungeons like Guild Dungeons, OV, Ancients, Pando Rift, Nanton and Hanton, Luke Normals. We have Anton raid (working towards multiple raids) Bring a character and let’s attack it together! Join our Discord for game info, great music, memes, voice chat craziness, movie night, and hell mode drinking games, and many more events!