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Hi, Ive had an Avenger for a long time, but haven’t played it since 85cap. I know there have been a couple of updates since then. Currently, what build should I be going for? Can I keep up demonize 100pct with cd gear? If I recall, I should be in demonize to build up bar for metamorphosis, then stay in that state until i can demonize again, is that the goal for playing an avenger? If there is a guide out there, please point me to it. Thank you


One Avenger Skill tree build plz ’ - ’


Got a build here

it involves, "Upgrading skills that do dmg"
leaving alone(or at least at 1)… “Shadow Render”, “Dark Authority”, and "Reaper"
and TP Skill “Devil Strike” alone
and dumping the rest on what ever u’d like ’ - ’ b


Shadow Render at 5, prereq for consequent skills.