Auction Hall ,, Avatar packages''


When I buy avatar packages in auction hall, do I’ have those avatars forever, or do they expire on certain date. I’m new in the game, so I appreciate all help.


The boxes inside the package expires yes, the package it self when u fresh buy it expires too few days after the maintenance who ends the selling period on CERA shop usually every 2~3 months between each packages
But the thing inside the box stays in your inventory for ever like avatars, skin weapon, title, aura

So basically when a box contains a thing like: Title box(will have expiracy date) the title inside once you open it will stay permanently in your inventory (nice logic lol).

Btw try to avoid buying things on auction hall (AH) when you can use a Megaphone(in CERA shop>Mileage shop) to make a little annoucement and buy it directly from a player because AH taxes what you are selling on it (10% I think) so people used to higher the price on it to make you pay the tax+the product price!


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