Asura General


Hey guys I got my hands on some plat boxes and was wondering what’s a good choice for skills? Murder wave or mind snaps? I’m a little behind on the changes in KDNF and want to future proof a bit.


This is a bit late but I think Mind snap is better for you rn. MW is pretty easy to stack


Question I have a full echeon set though it is cloth. Do I have to get plate armor or is the cloth fine to upgrade.


you need like 1400 darma symbols to upgrade a set… if you dont have a plate set by then just from drops, youd at least be able to buy them with the daily quest mats.

it takes about 6-7 weeks if you do 6 runs a day.

what you’re missing out on is the asura armor mastery… while its not super important, i dont understand why you would opt to not get it.




am I doing something wrong here? 5/5 sins and still doing like 1/4th of your 4pc dmg


so is 7 sins just definitively better than supercont now (with latest korea changes)? or is it still like a solo vs party kind of thing?

ive got 4/5 of both base sets, and i can transfer either piece… radiant would be far better for me pre-upgrade so im kind of leaning towards that…


I think the two sets will be on par tbh

supercont probably has the edge on damage still but 7sins has constant super armor and more speeds in addition to that sweet sweet plate mastery bonus

i think both will be good so it comes down to, are you willing to sandbag until epic rework happens and upgrade 7 sins or do you want to sandbag now with Radiant/SC


Finally finished supercontinent, I don’t have too many complaints about it other than it not being 7sins. But my ferman time did cut down considerably :+1: Could be better after I optimize it a bit. Hang in there everyone!


Any Asura’s discord?
Let me join ._.