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welcome back my blind breathren :v

on a related topic, merlin bead shoulder enchant probably not the best to put on your Asura’s 90 set if you plan on upgrading it in luke. The majority of them lose all of their crit bonuses, save 5-7% (unless youre gold suit who has 0 to start with and gains 7% on upgrade).

Regardless of Radiant Golden Armor gaining 7% crit upgrading to Super Continental, if you have a skill bead on your belt already, missing that 9% crit from your shoulder may leave you under crit cap.

It’s ultimately up to you how long you want to buff swap for +10MW (but we should have that swap system eventually) but I think I’m gunna pass on that bead for this guy for now :sweat_drops:


Wondering what we should be aiming for on echon pieces? I’m really liking cast/attack speed for snappy waves/wave eye but I’m wondering if it should be more generic stats or even something like double light/all elemental+?


Small question, I recently completed the Heavy set and is thinking about upgrading it. Is the upgraded set good for Asuras? I’ve been digging around on some KDNF and CDNF forums and it seems like everyone is upgrading Plate and Light armor. Personally I’m only 2/5 on light armor, 3/5 on leather and 4/5 on plate (missing belt). Should I keep on looking for them or should I be contempt with heavy?

Also a small side note, I am planning on using 3pc infinite since I’m 6 souls away from obtaining the last piece, how would this affect my 90 armor upgrading choice? From what I can find heavy and leather has elenore built in, and plate / light does not. I was wondering if the skill damage on heavy would be good enough to account for the loss of having 3 sources of elenore (title, upgraded top and infinite neck)



ayyyy blindlards

from what i remember nagaraja is a perfectly usable set but it requires some reinforcement of 2 specific pieces that are similar to 5s in that they grant additional bonuses for being enhanced

you should probably keep running to try and complete plate just so you have options when you actually gather enough monoliums to upgrade though


well good news is that right after I posted this I finished Metal Line Lol, right now i’m just farming grandine for gold and see which set is better once some more test results are published on other servers like CDNF and KDNF forums. Since Black Formal and Radiant are all still at 3/5 and 2/5 i’m not gonna grind for them too much, switching my focus to my skirmisher since i have stockpiled a tone of DIs on him



7 sins (Metal Line) is one of Asura’s better soloing sets and contents real well with continental, so if anything you’re set for now!

and I will also agree, literally all the 90 upgraded sets are strong in their own way, but nagaraja does out-scale a few sets if you manage to get lucky and get high reinforcements on the reinforcement boost pieces. But its something like +13-+14 to be better than continental, etc so gl with that :T


Any ideas about optimal echon? I’m guessing my love for atk/cast spd is just kinda’ meme-y, even though machine gun 1st awakening does feel strong.


anyone can help me with the usual skill build for asura?


Asura has been, well, pretty lackluster in luke. With the proper gear, you will reach the lower plateau’s of being able to duo/trio

I have currently opted to convert Vaalbara’s Earth as my first luke conversion and here is why;

Gold Suit 6 Piece: 35% crit mod (with 5s this is a 15% crit damage loss)
Radiant Golden Armor Top: +22 All Ele / 112 INT / 5% Additional Smash
Vaalbara’s Earth: 35 INT / +1 1-85 Skills +1 15-48 Skills


  • 15% Crit Mod
  • 5% Smash
  • 22 Ele
  • 77 INT.


  • +2 WMB ( +40 INT)
  • +2 Murderous Wave Top (one less swap to worry about for legendary weapon conversion)
  • +2 Mind Snap! (4% Skill Damage)
  • +2 Focus Magic: Critical (2% Magic Crit)
  • +2 Ancient Memory (+30 INT)
  • +2 Katana Mastery (2.4% Defense Ignore, .7% Hit rating)
  • +2 Wave Radiation
  • +2 Ice Wave Sword
  • +2 NWS
  • +2 ASC
  • +2 Ghost Orb (lol)
  • +2 Fire Wave Sword
  • +2 DE/GQ
  • +2 Agni
  • +2 Minds Eye (+2% Critical Mod)
  • +1 1A and the rest of your skills up to and including 2A

I dont know about you, but I’m pretty sure the tradeoff here is worth it :v So my current optimal setup is this;

this will change once I have the monolium for 3 piece. SC also replaces your shock setting gear slowly to the point of you only having to throw on 2-3 subpieces to roll tog in a few seconds.

Here is the best burst I have managed with this setup as well; (Spr Sader, fnen buffs only)

keep trying my friends, I hope our damage will be out of ‘sandbag’ tier in a few more updates :,)


Whats the black magic for ferman? I can only do 40s. Need help :sob:

Edit: before anyone asks I don’t have the summer pets or a whale or full plate


Yo dats some dope ass dmg, im only getting around 1bil on 1a and 2a… Must be doing something wrong i guess



Do you have a crit mod? What is your Light Damage at?

I see you have a bonus damage title, Infinite, Mettaline and DKT on, a different mod or an Oath Of Light or Light elemental damage title/ele magic stone will benefit you more than dkt or that title is right now!


My ring is 30% crit smash. Light damage is at 112. I switched to bismith cuz i dont have a single piece of civ. Super unluckey in hells, 56% 90lv frags and almost of that is ran on my asura, but 1pc 5s and 0pc civ, feelsbadman


For the elemental options on Valor sets, is it better to go with all element damage or go pure light damage?

Edit: Disregard that question. I didn’t see that the all of elemental options are the same value so it is better to go with all element up.


yeah either all ele or light damage, he benefits from both to his whole kit!

I also went ahead and took the plunge upgrading my 3 piece last week;

So here’s the thing about upgrading SC; your damage tests are going to look worse in training room, but my actual damage in dungeons both with support and solo has increased by ~20%. Aka; the bonus damage is worth the elemental/INT exchange ONLY if you can;

-hit crit cap (96%)
-have moderate ele damage (175+ Light or all ele)
-have decent offset pieces (Exposure Heavy Gaiters, Evil Rib Mail, etc.)
-If upgrading pants keeps you at crit cap and you dont have exposure gaiters, upgrade them. If upgrading pants doesn’t put you at crit cap, save this as your 4th upgrade and put on an appropriate offslot.
-If you do not have an Olympus aura, buy this new western package aura, this saves you from changing emblems halfway through your upgrades. The end goal is to be able to use a stronger aura like Arthurian (Faith) but try to have both accessible.

**-Infinite accessories are debatably ‘stronger’ than senses, you just sacrifice speeds to use them. Infinite also takes care of crit issues and has perfect synergy with SC, Fiend Venator, and 7 Sins.

if you have the appropriate means to stay crit capped with offslots, your 3 piece is an upgrade in damage!


“Infinite accessories are debatably ‘stronger’ than senses, you just sacrifice speeds to use them. Infinite also takes care of crit issues and has perfect synergy with SC, Fiend Venator, and 7 Sins.”

I mean, has this been tested? Because let’s not forget, though the set effect is weaker than 3pc Infinite, Senses comes with 15~17% skill attack, all atk, and ind atk. Meanwhile, the smashes and elenore is all infinite has in terms of damage mods.


I don’t have raw numbers, but korean consensus as far as strength goes, the pros to infinite is that it is stronger overall and the pros to senses is that it has high mobility and attack speeds (utility).

With infinite you also gain crit cap without sacrificing a lot of emblem slots, aura slot etc which in the end amounts to more Elemental Damage and Intellect.

Elemental Damage on upgraded 90 sets is a commodity and the first of many stats that you lose in favor of other damage mods (Bonus, Bonus Ele, All attk, Skill Dmg, Speeds). You easily go from 300+ ele to around the 175-190 range which makes elemental damage higher on the actual benefit gain.

Also keep in mind SC has additional damage mods on it. 18% additional damage on a 30% mod instead of a 20% and that also factors into a huge part of the damage increase where stacking 17% all attack on that 50+% all attack you already have on SC may benefit you slightly less depending on your setup.

I’m still going to upgrade my infinite for science. When I have enough funds to enchant it I will also procure damage tests!


So… Althought I’m technically 4/5 on Radiant I’ve decided to go with 7 sins… That is because I really don’t wanna farm hells anymore and this basically eliminated one major reason for farming… IDK if this is the best decision I’ve made, since from number crunching I expect 10-15% lower damage on average compared to Super cont.

My damage is still sheit, IDK why… My 2a right now can hit around 1.4bil max when there are no other supports in the party, it feels much lower, as for right now I’m raiding on my friend’s Ele and BM as he is away for thanksgiving, and her ele has about the same level of gear as I do (3pc super cont, 3pc Infinites, Savior Staff, Rosetta, fishball line and BW chaos), and overall her output seems to be much higher… My 1a does the same amount of damage as her pumpkin… IDK if it’s something that I’m doing wrong or what else. My damage is also wayyyyyy Lower that Coccyx’s in Luke, I think part of that might be because I don’t have a single piece of civ, but that shouldn’t result in a 3bil difference though…

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Quick note, don’t upgrade 3pc 7 sins cuz you will lose 55% smash from 5pc effect of metalline. Although I can use avarice bracelet now it still doesn’t make up for the damage lost. I chose to upgrade the top and bottom pieces because they give bonuses to agni and FWS, and the shoulder piece because belt and boots give +2 to 1a, at the same time boosting apoc/crux in party.

Since I don’t have 5s I can’t test the difference between them and 3pc Infinites, but from calculations they look somewhat similar, mostly the difference is gonna come down to how much %Iatk & all atk / elenore you have with your other gear.

From experience Luking as a subdealer / magic support for more than 2 months now I find the class’ performance in Luke lacking at best… I guess hit stun and shred is nice for party mates but to be honest you don’t provide much damage at all… Usually I can provide around 6 bil to 8 bil on Khaligo Luke but that is barely anything comparing to other classes I’ve raided with, even when some of them have worse gear than me (manaburn 5s 1pc civ Ion pulser f mech does more damage than me FeelsBadMan). I feel like Asura’s kit is fundementally out-dated, especially his higher tier skills (lv75+ active skills and 2a passive being some of the weakest and slowest actives/passives at that level range in the entire game).


7-Sins is basically your self sufficient set. This means when you complete it you can potentially take a solo luke raid position when your right side shapes up a little more. If and when you can upgrade another piece, I’d switch out your pants with Exposure Heavy Gaiters until 5-piece.

You have really strong basic mods (52% critical with 3 piece, 30% Smash), your biggest issue I see with your setup is that you have very little Skill Attack. Skill attack is pretty crucial for Asura to boost his damage so you’ll only really see your most respectable damage on savior release. You’re also missing Par’s which is a 15%-20% damage increase in itself since you have plate bonus with 7-sins. 3.4k intellect is stupid high, you’d benefit from Par’s more than the other 90 upgraded sets!

The damage discrepancy you’re seeing is understandable due to what you have. Once you can find Par’s and Rosetta you’ll see a huge increase! So don’t feel bad about your damage right now, just keep trying to find the rest of your right side :v:

also update on 3 piece SC; I managed to get some higher amps (roughly a 150 int gain) and saw my damage go up substantially solo. To get the ‘viable damage’ in our iteration of Asura you have to go the extra mile. We dont have a lot of essential upgrades (def ignore WMB, full fixed skillset), but hang in there! It will get better once we get those!

this was with an sb and a spr sader. Luke iframed the beginning of thunder god but pretty happy with that 1a tho!