Any tips on floor 20 of ToA?


I’m on a monk. Since there’s no good way to dodge him given that he zones me out with Saya, I feel like the best strategy is to stay close to him and keep hitting him, but this is my 10th try and I still can’t get it…


Bit late, but don’t be afraid to just wait it out so your stuff can come off cooldown. Maybe some slow heals will help too.


And since you’re a monk!


He must have been modified since that vid, because he spam the hell out of Blade Phantom (which is annoying as hell, especially if you get caught in Saya) instead of Blade Phantom Possession: Technique. Its took while on my TS because my cool downs and low atk spd.


Hey there, just cleared it so I have a few tips, in case you haven’t cleared it yet:

  • Take advantage of your Y-axis vacuuming abilities to bring them to you (machinegun jab, gattling punch, hurricane n’ roll) since most of the AI will have abilities that rely on you being in their X-axis
  • Don’t hesitate to duck and sway to find an opening, usually the opening is when they run straight at you. Try to grab them with the skills in 1) just before they can line up their X axis attacks with you
  • I found sacred counter to be my best friend because I could easily dash out of Saya with it, as well as quick rebound if he got me in Tombstone
  • You want to try to launch him as soon as you can so that you combo him midair–this is where I found myself doing most of my damage. As soon as he touches the ground, if you’re unable to juggle him back up then try to duck & sway out of there

I’m a bit rusty since I just came back to this game like two weeks ago, so my mechanics aren’t all there, but here’s a video of my clear: YouTube