Any info on kdnf's recent lvl 95 update?


If anyone knows information on pretty much everything about this update, like getting the new epics (I know getting lvl 95 epics is MUCH different then getting norm epics) or the new dungeons, just everything overall that’d be nice and a good way to prepare for when it comes. (5 or 6 months later…) This would be fun to discuss about.


Anything specific you’d like to know? I’m more than willing to help with what I can.


I’d like to know more about things like the new raid, it’s rewards and things like that, also the new beast dungeons and what those are about, what they give and how they work


Well beast didn’t come with 95 cap, so that’s not technically new. But basically you fight a couple bosses which are pretty difficult (depending on the road you run on) and get materials to upgrade Infinite/Senses/Sky Traveler pieces to a new accessory set. The reason this is important going into 95 cap is because you can directly upgrade the Beast Accessories into Tayberrs in 95 cap.

As for the new raid that just came out, MetalPlateMage over on reddit just did a really nice translation of the patch notes regarding it so I’ll link that to you.

New Fiend Raid is used to “upgrade” Tayberrs epics and give them new effects.


oh wow thanks for that, the new raid seems awesome but I’m way undergeared so oof anyway thanks, I think that’s all I can think of to ask right now


Gear progression in 95 cap is significantly better than 90 cap, so don’t worry


oh really? i mean I guess it is, I did read a subreddit on it but I’ll try not to worry to much


I have a question about lv 95 myself. So does Kiri have lv 95 epic crafting items? And is there any point in crafting if she doesnt have them once it comes to Global?


from what I’ve seen I don’t think she does


She doesn’t. You find area leg sets in Harlem and craft them into lvl95 epics. And given the length of time it takes to craft, lvl90 Kiri epics are still handy for alts or classes you believe won’t get the real epic weapons you’re looking for anytime soon. All the more reason to participate in the ongoing craft epic event.

Like Echon, Kiri epics are the contingency plan.