anime and manga containment thread




this right here mmmmmm


Is that steven universe


yeah that sounds alot like steven universe…


wtf is steven universe. but nah… I thought it was some weird sht when I looked at it at first so I just put it on hold until like 2 days ago

i dont read the synopsis for anime dude… i just give it a try if it gets mentioned a fk ton and sht like this gets posted for a show. or if the music is good enough. which I think, in houseki no kuni, is decent


but nah its not some steven universe fam

tbh i just look at discussion threads on r/anime and see if the show has a lot of comments on it l e m a o. going to pick up inuyashiki cus of this


Apparently this happened


Yep, saw this live. I was losing my mind as soon as the music started.


Skating has some weebs in it for sure. When YoI was showing a bunch of pro skaters were tweeting about the show.

And of course, there’s Medvedeva who had an entire Sailor Moon skate routine at 2017 world team lol

Medvedeva set the WR yesterday morning for women’s SP with a score of 86.01


hey nerds what’s everyone watching I haven’t watched anything besides dropping Citrus is there anything good?


The big hit you in the feels anime of the season is Violet Evergarden. Other than that, the other big one is Darling in the FranXX with I think the most popular waifu of the season, 02. Overlord s2 is also another big series airing this season.

As for the trash I’m watching, Koizumi-san, the Outcast s2, and Death March are the ones I wouldn’t really recommend for anyone to watch that I just enjoy.


Yuru Camp for the toppest comfy.
Sora yori mo tooi basho for youthful nostalgia and nankyoku.
Koi wa ameagari you ni for that tencho romance dream and beautiful animation.

Seconding Koizumi-san because ramen is life.


I guess I’ll pick up violet evergarden for the big feelios then


Why haven’t you become the next big youtube star?


time to be really cute


This season is filled with otaku slice of life not sure if like


comfy camp is apparently what everyone’s watching

also horse racing


Which one is comfy camp?



So apparently 3 OVAs were released for The King’s Avatar


is that not mega drill