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wait is that the story of kizuna ai


Possibly. She sound likes she’s into idols and really likes Keyakizaka46.


lemme know when we get a life-sized Utaha


Jesus, I can import a Supra, Type R or GT-R with that money.


im gonna buy that life size megumi statue

theres also that one utaha figure id buy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but thats another 120 bux, maybe 1 figure every other month is ok


jesus that is l e w d


You’ve gotten yourself an expensive hobby.


maybe i’ll get over it after i’ve bought the ones i want



older sisters

see you all again in 2018


So I just finished watching Hajime no Ippo New Challenger and wanted somewhere to talk about it, goddamn that is some good-ass good shit for good people. Can’t wait to start Rising sometime later.


good lord wew


sieg is gay


I don’t even know what’s happening in Apocrypha. There’s not much backstory to the characters and loli Jack the Ripper was the worst servant in the show. Jack the Ripper could have been a badass servant but, ended up being a loli for no reason.


most of the servants already hav existing backstories as per actual legend if only slightly tweaked with a few like fran being a slightly different take on the concept with her not actually being the creation infact the lightning that bough her to life
as for jack; oh, pray tell how would u go around to fleshing out jack the ripper when there is nearly nothing to actually base jack the ripper on except his killings in london and the various theories of his/her identity and motives so it’d be hard to even do anything with jack the ripper without making him/her a composite servant or someone with the most closest relation to jack which is technically wut this loli jack is, shes the closest thing to an actual jack the ripper there can be as a supernatural entity of an amalgamation of thousands of hateful wraiths of unborn children aborted by prostitutes


Yes, I know the Servants have their legends. There really isn’t anything about the Masters aside from a few and even then I just find Apocrypha really shallow. The Master and Servant relationships are weakly told. This is more straight up fight for the Grail with SeigxRuler and Shiro subplot.

pray tell how would u go around to fleshing out jack the ripper

The fact that Jack have no known identity and only theories to who he/she was gives creator an artistic license to be creative with this character and yet we get a half naked loli. Jack could have had the potential to be a really good/cool/mysterious character. Don’t make it sound like she wasn’t created for fanservice with a mommy issue as ‘depth’.


They glossed over a lot of the backstory of jack in general. From memory, her summoning was the first thing published as a promo for the original novel. It’s also better explained in the novel that Jack isn’t actually the real Jack the ripper but a wraith that takes that identity like how Sasaki isn’t the real Sasaki (since he didn’t exist in the fateverse). This wraith was the amalgamation of all the children abandoned and left to die in the streets during that time period which is why Jack always refers to herself as us or we.


I still can’t agree with the creative decisions behind Jack’s character, but this is more of a personal opinion. I know and understand they try to define this character and they try to create a reason/story behind this Jack but, making her a little girl/loli just didn’t appeal to me. I still think one of the reason for her design is fanservice.




Netjuu was so sweet and nice anyone who didnt check it out should.


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