Advanced Dark Ritual Art - a Primer to Swapmancer


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Google Sheets for Equipment

The purpose of this post is to cover the basics of Necro swapping and general gearing. The basic premise is that you use a bunch of snapshotting mechanics in order to make your initial setup as strong as possible, before switching to a fully damage-focused equipment loadout (battle set). The battle set will be discussed in more detail in a different topic sometime later.

There is a lot of gear you have to collect, and a lot of equipment that needs to be shuffled around, but the payoff is immense - super-endgame Dark Ritual sets give literally thousands more INT than vanilla Dark Rituals. You lock in huge multipliers to skills for long durations with a proper summon set as well - with Vallacre's basic attacks before 2nd awakening, and with Vallacre's Pledge skill-boosting after the reworks.

Most of the information here is oriented towards endgame building and relatively high levels of play, so you don't need to immediately start towards this while leveling or even anticipate on using all of this advice in the future. None of this is needed for leveling, and if you want to focus on your utility instead, you can work with that. This is about optimizing damage in the late-game. Instead, try adding bits and pieces piecemeal, and see how far you can get comfortably using different equipment loadouts.

Most of these aren't hard to do, and with some practice you can even finish setups very quickly.


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Reserved in case I need an extra post

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Great guide that explains a lot of things that recent now and in the future. I just wish dark ritual wasn't a 2 minute buff because all this gear swapping is actually time consuming. Especially if you focus on avas and gear.

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I am beginning to see why Necromancer is daunting. I swapped before, but it was never so intense mostly just for Val levels. So swapping is to break the game damage wise, but not swapping is basically enough to keep your utility and decent damage in current DFOG?

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It’s not really that daunting. Once you get the muscle memory in you’re fine. I’d say getting the best STR gears is the annoying part and the swap lag

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Swap lag is a real pain. Having low latency and unthrottled internet connection is required to getting a swap done in a timely manner. It's also why, even if I had a kDnF account and played Necro on it, I'd probably never get as far in gameplay.

Here’s a gfycat of my room 1 routine on an Ultimate difficulty OV set. Swapping the equipment set itself takes like 2s from starting the first equipment swap to getting to the weapon - I mess up on the title swap because there’s no cooldown on it. If we had statted avatars (or even like a 2s cooldown on avatar slots) then working in avatar swapping wouldn’t be too difficult either. Right now it’s a timesink to keep up an appearance and headache if your clone avatars get tangled up.

Also, switching to manual inputs makes swapping effectively more interesting - with default zxc space and arrow keys you can't really do much if you have one hand on a mouse. Right now I'm working on managing that with a controller.

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Eh, my beef with swapping at first was because I was on a laptop. I was able to do it, but it kind of made using my full FP bar a chore because swapping for the 20th time just made the class seem duller.

My new beef is I have a different setup. I sit in a moon chair and use a laptop-table on my knees to hold my keyboard. I keep my wonky mouse in the chair's cup holder until I need it. So swapping goes from a this slightly irks me! task to oh god did I just drop the mouse wow what I am going to waste time n- OMFG THE KEYBOARD JUST SLID OFF THE BOARD BECAUSE I HAD TO PICK UP THE MOUSE WTF ALT+F4 4 DAYS NOW I AM DONE!!! task. It sounds like an excuse until you're actually using my same setup. lol

But if I don't swap and play with just my little baby keyboard., then everything is fine and comfy. I like fine and comfy vs scrambling every dungeon run/120 seconds. I wish there was a way to macro it, then it'd be absolutely perfect.

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Hey thanks for the thread. I have a few questions.

Right now my weapons are a +10 Dark Vigor and a +0 Ebony Dual Blades epic. Considering all the stuff i learned it seems it would be best to start off the with dual blades equipped and then transition to the wand once Dark Ritual is cast. But would it be worthwhile to just bring the dual blades to +10? Would I get anything out of it? It seeems like it would be better to leave the epic at +0 and get say…Iris Wand right? Kinda glad I didn't junk the epic before reading about how Shadow damage is also snapshotted.

I managed to get an almost full set of Guillotine double imbues while i wait for the rest of DoD to drop. Would you recommend going for Dark Ritual single imbues now?

Is Shroud of Darkness any good or does it see any improvements? Its usefulness in Tower of Despair is apparent and its pretty funny seeing so many zombies at once. I mean i highly doubt it could ever compete with DoD but hey whatever. I have 6pc + weapon right now actually.

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Legacy Dual Blades/Daggers are better for Dark Ritual swap.
If you get a Superior-quality, go for it. If not, I'd try breaking it for frags if you're still a ways off from DoD.
Zombies get a number of percent buffs in 2nd awakening changes, it's insane. In addition to being able to detonate them all at once, you have these multipliers/buffs:
  • Direct buff with the 2nd awakening rebalance
  • Damage boost from the tome/soul mechanic being active
  • Damage boost from Vallacre's Pledge passive
  • Damage boost from Unholy Mastery stacks
  • Damage Mods (smash, crit smash, etc) applying
Shroud of Darkness (or Vodun Master, if you want to call it by it's cooler original name) allows you to basically beat out iframes/ungrabbable frames with zombies, then have them grablock for the next couple of seconds, then all explode at once with double damage once the DoT is on them. It's not effective on ungrabbable enemies, since you can't get the holdlock them or inflict the DoT, and that severely limits the usefulness of the set. When it works, it's great and fun though.

There was a gif of a Thanatos oneshotting EX Mecha Tau with the detonation, but that's also including the True Ancients nerfs/reworks.

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Alright so I guess I'll consider buying a legacy for a three weapon swap. Legacy for DR, Ebony for Val, and a wand for Guillotine right? What's the average price for a legacy dagger/dual blade? I probably won't be playing for a few days so checking the AH is a no go.

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If you want to focus on Basic attacks more, you could also use Force Vallacre wand for +18% damage rather than ~+10% for both Basics and Massacre Dance. Up to you though.

Legacy weapon should be 1~2m.

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I see an obvious latency difference which makes me sad. Any ideas if VPN would be able to lower it at all? Darn crap University Internet.

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Nice job putting this together I recently started Necro on Dfo (since all I get is epic wands) so this is great for me to read up on

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Yellow emblems don't give out hit rate. The most you can get with blues/multicolored is 6.6% but I used my multicolored for crit rate.

EDIT: Never mind I forgot about fused emblems.

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Reminded me to fix something on the guide though.

King's Token actually comes from the Graverobber in Screaming Cavern. Who'da thunk it?

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Just got Essence Dark top. Assuming that huge 120 str is better than +2 DR top.

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How many victory points does it take to buy the armors and the upgrade? I hate pvp but can't pass on those str parts.

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That many. :teacher:

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wow 18,600…on average how many tokens do you get per victory?