♚♛ Ace ♜♝


Guild Name: Ace

Guild pic: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/378052720315334656/425109807146598400/Guildpic2.jpg

Guild Region: NA 85% / Canada 10% / Europe 4% / Middle east 1%

Guild Type: Social / Chatty / Friends / we have a mix of new players and veterans to the game and welcome people of any skill level and experience / Daily carries & parties / raid static

Guild Discord: Ace Discord (We use discord as a guild web page)

Guild Contact: Clazy / StarGJanna / CoffeeMilk

Guild Description:

►Super active guild ( 50-60 people online always / 70+ at peak)

►Friendly/Chill chatty - you will NEVER get bored leveling & farming

►Helpful oldies - New to the game? Just ask us any question

►Well-organized system - Guides / finding pts / Joining raids made EZPZ

►Request Guides from Kdnf community - Looking for guides since DFOnexus was wiped? you can request guides from Kdnf community. I will personally translate them for you !

►Daily carries - OV / Rift / Ancient / N & Hanton / luke daily

►Teaching dungeon/raid gimmicks - If you are willing to learn gimmicks, we will teach you by running through the dungeons together

►Full guild bonus : Stat / EXP / Guild TPs (teleports)

►All Guild dungeons unlocked ! - and we actually run guild dungeons together for cert.s

►Welcomes old/new/returning users !

►Also welcomes all non-native English/foreign language speakers. (Guild leader is Korean)

►Guild events !

►Still not sure? just join us on one of your alts and check it out :]


Are you still recruiting?