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Most of the testing is going to heavily abuse that status damage is displayed if you hover over the icon.



So I'll be using my L75 Fbrawler in training mode to try to confirm how some characteristics work.

Most of this is going to go:

  1. Try to model how much damage SHOULD change by adjusting stats
  2. Compare to how damage actually changes
  3. Adjust model variables until there's a low amount of overall error

Importantly, I'm not trying to test Abnormal Status APPLICATION rates, because that'll be pretty hard to find. Once an abnormal status is applied, its damage is listed on the tooltip as a constant variable; it doesn't even randomly vary.

  • STR and INT are added, and the coefficient seems to be 333
  • Abnormal Status Tolerance seems to have a coefficient of 215
  • Enemy defense may usually to be halved for calculating reduction for Status Damage, but is not always the case. See Tog in a later post.
  • Modifiers to direct damage (e.g. Counters, Criticals) won't apply.

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Bumping this for a good test subject: Tog [​IMG]

Tog has 99.5% reduction, and if you were to calculated expected resistance for status damage, status damage would basically deal twice the damage because the resistance would only calculate out to be 99.00%. However, status damage on Tog is a LOT more potent than that.

So, two possible scenarios:

  1. Tog has hugely low abnormal status resist, enough to raise status damage by a multiple. Considering that, in Normals, he has about -2k resist in kDnF with his absorbed element, and has generally VERY extreme stats, that is a very good possibility.
  2. Damage model I set up is flawed, and only worked for the certain points I had recorded.

Either way, I'd need to do some Tog testing.

Anyone care to record some Abnormal Status Damage numbers with or without Taunt? I'd prefer it a bit if you hover over the status bar like I do in this example for this post:


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So I did testing on Anton Normals Tog:


Using Taunt increased damage by far too much of a damage increase, so idea #1 I had earlier is right out. Tog's abnormal status reduction is also way lower than the OV bosses I tested against, so there's no way that abnormal status reduction is directly connected to Physical/Magical resists.

Not sure if this is the consistent reduction for Tog, but he really has almost no direct reduction of Abnormal Status damage.

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-I deleted my previous post as the information was outdated and/or inaccurate.

So I recently had some time this weekend to work on the abnormal damage formula. I had to wait awhile before I could work on it as I wanted to collect various legendary/epic gear that could provide me with the appropriate abnormal types of damage (Razor Queen's Necklace, Contamination Pauldrons, etc). I also had to level a female Brawler to level 85 as I wanted access to her abnormality kit. The following formula is what I currently believe to represent how the game calculates Bleeding Damage without factoring where the game rounds down damage values. The other types of Abnormal Damage probably work in a similar fashion

[Total Damage] = [Abnormal Rating][Stat Amplification][Defense Rating Reduction]*[Abnormal Resist Reduction].

  1. [Abnormal Rating] = the rating shown in the skill's tooltip.

Keep in mind that different the Abnormal Rating used depends on what type of abnormality it is and whether the rating comes from a skill or an item.

Bleeding, Burn, and Poison all provide abnormal damage over time. Their skill descriptions will be written in the following manner: Attack = X, Duration = Y secs; whereas their item descriptions will be written in the following manner: do M damage every 0.5 seconds for N seconds. If the damage comes from a skill, [Abnormal Rating] = (X), rating from the description. If the damage comes from an item, [Abnormal Rating] = (M) * (2) * (N seconds). In other words, the skill's description gives the final value for the base abnormal damage whereas an item's description gives the per tick value. The Icon Description shows the total value for Bleed/Burn/Poison.

Shock has a max amount abnormal damage that can be done within a certain time frame. An enemy is shocked for Y seconds. While this enemy is in a shocked state, every hit they take damages them for a max count of two hits per second. Their skill descriptions will be written in the following manner: Attack = X, Duration = Y secs; whereas their item descriptions will be written in the following manner: do M damage every attack for N seconds. [Abnormal Rating] = (X) * (2)*(Y seconds) = (M) * 2 * (N seconds). Since Shock is calculated as a per hit type of damage, the value shown under the HP bar is calculated as a per hit value for both items and skills. The icon description for Shock will be written in the following format:

item) (M) damage for a max of 2N hits,

skill) (X) damage for a max of 2Y hits.

  1. [Stat Amplification] = 1 + {(Strength + Intelligence)/(250 * c)},

where c = coefficient and is dependent on the skill/item.

c = 1.33 for all the following

Berserker and Female Brawler Bleed skills, Female Brawler Poison skills, Asura Shock skills, Contamination Pauldrons, Spider Queen's Set Procs (bleed/burn/poison/shock), Exposure Heavy Gaiter's, Madness of the Dirty Illusion.

c = 2 for Razor Queen's Necklace.

  1. [Defense Rating Reduction] = 1 - {D/(D + 800 * L)},

where D = Physical Defense Rating + Magical Defense Rating

and L = attacker's level.

  1. [Abnormal Resist Reduction] = 1 - (A - R)/200,

where A = abnormal resistance and R = abnormal reduction.

Putting it all together for Bleed Skill Damage:

Damage = [X] * [1 + (S+I)/250c]*[1 - D/(D+800L)] * [1 - (A-R)/200]

***Since I finally got Razor Queen's Necklace, I was finally able to test how abnormal resist works for a known value. Adding abnormal resist to my Berserker would reduce the bleed damage from Razor Queen's Necklace. By changing my abnormal resist to a known value and observing the ratio of the damage reduction, I was able to determine that the abnormal resist coefficient is 200. -----> [5550]/[7400] = [1-50/x]/[1-0/x]. I also tested other ratios as well as graphed multiple values to make sure that the relation was linear. After determining that coefficient of 200, I was able to test if the reinforcement machine has any bleed resistance and found that it has 40 bleed resistance. ------>[C1]/[C2] = [1 -(x-50)/200]/[1-(x-0)/200] where C1 and C2 are the observed damage values. ***

I have tested the following abnormal resistances for the following training room monsters:

Reinforcement Machine: 40 Bleed resistance

Tog: 40 Bleed resistance, 45 Shock resistance

Nugol: 20 Bleed resistance.

Abnormal resistance does not appear to change with level. I need to do more testing to confirm this. Considering that elemental resistance does not change with level or even with difficulty (normal>heroic>raid) I believe a reasonable guess can be made that the resistance of a monster does not change unlike its HP and defense ratings.

Abnormal resistance is not affected by % bonus damage reduction. This is the type of reduction that comes from reinforcing armor and wearing a skin avatar.

The damage value for abnormal attacks does not appear to be affected by its abnormal level. The abnormal level shown inside a skill's description does affect the proc chance. If Abnormal Level>Enemy Level, then there is an increased proc chance. Example, 100% becomes 105%(Unknown rate of gain). If Abnormal Level < Enemy Level, then there is a decreased proc rate. Example, 100% becomes 95%(Unkown rate of loss). The abnormal level shown inside a skill's description does affect the duration the abnormal status for abnormalities that do not do damage and decreases/increases the duration in a similar manner to proc chance. This means bleed/burn/poison/shock do not gain/lose their duration. In other words the abnormal level of a skill does not directly increase damage.

Abnormal damage is not affected by +Attack Damage. It is not affected by +Critical Damage. Abnormal damage from skills is affected by +Skill Damage and +All Attack. Abnormal damage from items does not appear to gain benefits from +Skill Damage and +All Attack (bug?). Abnormal damage is not affected by Elemental damage. Abnormal damage does not crit. Abnormal damage does not provide bonus damage.

Since abnormal defense rating is based on the physical and magical defense ratings of the player/monster, I calculated the following physical and magical defenses for basic Tog (level 115):

Tog physical defense rating: ~168,000

Tog magical defense rating: ~168,000.

This potentially means that Tog has a defense rating of 168,000 + 99.5% (0.875 + .995 against enemy level 120). I am not really sure of this as I don't know how DFO handles defense reductions greater than 100%.

—Any thoughts, opinions, or questions? Let me know. I probably won't approach this part of the damage formula again unless I need to.

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