A very confused player whos being gone for a while


haven’t played the game in a while, wanting to get back did the jump event and got a Blood Evil with spider queen set with world pendulum ( thought it looked cool later was told that katana was the way…;-;), and refined set + silver watch + king’s tear. got to lv 95 with the stuff today and don’t know if I can do TB or start with the Harlem legendaries than get that to epic than do TB? sorry if I’m triggering some players cuz of my little understanding of the game


World Pendulum is great on Berserker, so no worries there.
I would start by running Assault Mode for Harlem Legendaries, and Dawning Crevice to upgrade them into Harlem Epics.
Once you outfit yourself in full Harlem Epics and do some minmaxing (achieving crit cap, elemental damage and independent attack enchants, Derange swaps, etc.), you should be good to go to start running Tayberrs. You might be able to start running Tayberrs solo early once you’ve gotten strong enough along the way.
You can also get a free Tayberrs weapon from the current events (though it’ll take quite a bit of farming), so definitely do that. Bludgeon is technically BiS for damage, but has lower attack speed and insane hitstop on attacks. Katana is heavily preferred.