8din passive question


can someone explain her passive that involves stacks. I think it gives hit rate


Basically when you block any incoming damage during her idle stance, use her lvl15 skill that raises the shield in front of you, or use the skill that slams the ground (during the idle stance), you gain stacks of Seraphic Feather, which absorb enemy damage while you’re blocking and also can be consumed by holding down the skill key on all of her skills to not only enhance their strength, but also buff your movement speed, attack speed, and damage with Maces (Bludgeons)


i dont think it increase their dmg from charging, its just spd and crit and hit rate all by 30% which is rather large as a party buff


Easiest way is to use sweeping wave. You start with 1 stack and you need 2 more to get the maximum duration.

Once you reach 3 stacks you charge up a skill and that’ll give you your buff.

After that you don’t need to reach 3 stacks to refresh your buff, you just need 1 stack which will refresh it for the longest duration.

And yes it is a party buff, either way it’s best to keep it up cause of the benefits it gives you.