5th SubClass- FanFiction Project


Hi my name is Luna, and I’ve been creating 5th Sub-class Fan-Fiction (All classes besides M.Mage), with Avatar design, WIKI page re-Creation, and SKILLS pages that emulate the official DFO new class releases (copied Agent format). They’re pretty realistic interpretations of “WHAT IF?” your favorite class got an extra 5th Subclass, to round out the mostly “5 weapon” loot pools for each class. For classes with only 4 weapons I’ve even created a 5th weapon myself. I call it the [5th Subclass Initiative] and it’s up to 10 out of the 13 planned class releases.

So if you’re interested, come join our DISCORD group here: https://discord.gg/jvytCRs
Or find my REDDIT posts by searching: “5th Subclass” @ Dungeon Fighter Online

Glad this forum is back I thought it was long gone!