2018 March Director Show Summary


If you catch any mistakes, please let me know

  1. Quality of Life Changes
  • Repeal of Account Limit for Pandemonium Rift and Tower of Anguish entry
  • Ability to disassemble all Chronicle Equipment
  • Durability and Inventory weight balancing
  • Able to use your own Disassembler and Enchanter without opening shop
  • Able to check other user’s Buff Swap UI
  • Able to report Mails

  1. Raid Farming
  • Anton Raid

    • Increased Condensed Antonium amount per Raid
    • Reduced farming time for Infinite Equipment
    • Able to upgrade Gigantic Presence to Avarice
    • Only able to raid twice per week (Select the days between Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)
    • Orb gimmick from Mateka can be avoided by clearing Hatchery dungeons
    • Savior Selection Box instead of actual Savior itself from flip (due to increase in new classes and weapon types)
    • Removal of DI Reward (keep reading below)
    • Single Anton Raid reward will also be adjusted
  • Luke Raid

    • Increased Dark Source amount per Raid
    • Able to upgrade Silent Constructor to Heblon
    • Only able to raid twice per week (Select the days between Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Both Raid

    • Repeal of Account Limit for Individiual Raid
    • Introduction of Exorcism to Raid (reduced the time required to upgrade Chronicle and the amount of Exorcism for Male Crusaders)
    • Account Tradeable Raid Tokens added (obtainable by clearing Raid) → Purchase Reward from Unified Raid Store (such as DI)
  • Hard Luke Raid

    • Account Tradeable Monolium reward
    • “Honor”-related rewards (Title, Emote, Party Frame, etc)
    • Same days as Normal Luke Raid
    • New gimmicks and higher difficulty
  • Imperial Colosseum

    • Reward 1: Account Tradeable Anton Soul Fragment reward
    • Reward 2: Upgrade Individiual Level 90 Epic Armor pieces to Set Effect Level 90 Epic Armor pieces (ex: Evil Rib Mail to Radiant Gold Upper Armor)
    • Reward 3: Weapon Light/Shadow/Fire/Water Damage Beads
    • Difficulty will be around Solo Luke Raid standard (can be changed)
    • It’s more advantageous to have stronger alts around

  1. Beast
  • Complete Beast Difficulty Overhaul (pattern change, etc)
  • Reward adjusted with the new difficulty
  • Reduce favoritism towards certain class with the overhaul

  1. Character Balance
  • Soul Bender

    • All Circle buff into one (?)
    • Damage Improvement
    • Merge Damage Amplification with Bremen
  • Chaos

    • Summon Count Rework
  • Male Striker

    • Damage (value) Improvement
    • Change to Continuum Kick
  • Creator

    • Gauge and Passive skill Rework
    • New Passive (?)
  • Shadow Dancer

    • Easier time with Back Attack
    • New Skill
    • Hold added to Shadow Cut

  1. Other Information from QnA
  • Echon
    • Farming time reduction is being prepared
  • New Ghent Dungeon
    • Still being worked on




I love the focus on making awards account bound. It’ll be interesting to see if they do a nerf to the Anton rewards to compensate for it.


Change as in, replaced with a new skill?

All in all, if all these make it into the game, that’s hype as shit.
As someone who didn’t care about Pandemonium Rift/Tower of Anguish stuff until this year, being able to run them on any number of characters sounds niiiiiice.

It’s personally nice to see the developers slowly shift the game towards being able to gear as many characters as you want comfortably than gear this one dude, and give the leftover scraps to anyone else you like playing.

Also, thanks Jay! Glad to see you’re still here.


I’m looking forward to hearing how many monolium it will take to upgrade Silent Constructor pieces.


Merging SBs circles into one buff? That sounds wild.


Any info on this? i’m stoked for the creator changes