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Do not offer raid/account/gold sale or Real-Money Trades! (1)
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S> Mixed Majestic/Mystic Khai plat F. Nen Rare set~ (4)
S/T> Full Rare Clone Set (F.Priest) (1)
S/T> M Fighter Majestic Top for Celes/Infernal Top or gold (1)
Selling Fslayer swimming mania full ava set. (1)
S> M.Slayer Arabian Knights D 10M (1)
[Sold] (1)
S> Core Praxis plat (1)
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S> MRanger Ivory General Avatar Full Set (1)
S>Majesty full rare set, BM full rare set, M Spit full rare clone set, Lancer rare set (1)
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[SOLD] S> +10, 30% Amplification Ticket (1)
S>+11 Amp 90% ticket offer plz (1)
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S> F Priest Rare Clone Top with Seven Deadly Sins plat (1)
S>4 knights packages (2)
S> Mgunner Empyrean general set (1)
S/T> (m.gunner) Mystic pheonix rare set for gold or Black crow set (1)
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virus shock for sell (1)
[Sold] (1)
S> M slayer Full Majestic set or trade for M priest rare set (1)
S> Iron Beast Card, Blue Witch Card (1)
S/T Rare Avatar Pieces (1)
S>Luke Legendary card offer please (2)
[SOLD]Full Male Priest Obsidian/Radiant set only 85m (1)
S> Full F. Mage rare clone set (1)