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About the The Marketplace category [The Marketplace] (1)
virus shock for sell [Selling] (1)
B> Male Gunner DBR +3 Title [Buying] (1)
S>Luke the Constructor (Light) card, offer please [Selling] (1)
[Sold] [Selling] (1)
S> M slayer Full Majestic set or trade for M priest rare set [Selling] (1)
S> Iron Beast Card, Blue Witch Card [Selling] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
S/T Rare Avatar Pieces [Selling] (1)
S>Luke Legendary card offer please [Selling] (2)
[SOLD]Full Male Priest Obsidian/Radiant set only 85m [Selling] (1)
S> Full F. Mage rare clone set [Selling] (1)
B> M.Priest Clone or rare set. [Buying] (2)
B> Magmabuster [Buying] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
S> Majestic Theif Rare avatar set [Selling] (1)
B> Welcome to Hell Title with Overflow (Dark Knight) on it [Buying] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
S> Kres and Luke Shadow card [Selling] (1)
S> +3 Zealous Creature Title, Pand Bead, Wrecking Haboob Card [Selling] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
S> Petit Pets, Rare Avatars [Selling] (1)
Buying 2nd rare avatar set Demon Lancer [Buying] (1)
B> Ancient Ruins Lightsabre [Buying] (1)
sold [Selling] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
S> captain trooper's combat glove [Selling] (1)
S>f fighter rare clones [Selling] (3)
S> F--Gunner Celestial Set for 136M [Selling] (2)
B> F. mage/F. gunner rare OR clone SET [Buying] (1)