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B> FMAGE Celestial Rare Avatar Hair Hat [Buying] (1)
[SOLD] S> +10, 30% Amplification Ticket [Selling] (1)
Any Celestial Rare Avatar Sets?? [Buying] (1)
WTB > F.Mage Celestial Rare Set hair face and hat [Buying] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
WTB Godly Substance [Buying] (1)
S>+11 Amp 90% ticket offer plz [Selling] (1)
sold out [Selling] (1)
Closed [Buying] (1)
WTB> Celestial Rose Belt - Knight [Buying] (1)
wwShop [Selling] (2)
S> F Priest Rare Clone Top with Seven Deadly Sins plat [Selling] (1)
WTB> rare clone avatar box [Buying] (1)
Buying Ninpo: Shadow Clone Plat Emblem (Thief) [Buying] (1)
LF>Vetala's dress. [Buying] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
B. Clone Avatar Box and +2dbr title [Buying] (1)
WTB Thief WTH top avatar piece [Type A] [Buying] (1)
Bought [Buying] (2)
S>4 knights packages [Selling] (2)
WTB Knight class Arthurian Knight (not Type D) [Buying] (1)
S> Mgunner Empyrean general set [Selling] (1)
Bought [Buying] (1)
B> Mgunner Empyrean General set [Buying] (1)
WTB > TOA Leviathan hair and belt [Buying] (1)
S/T> (m.gunner) Mystic pheonix rare set for gold or Black crow set [Selling] (1)
Sold [Selling] (1)
b>>fighter(m)avatar radiant face hat top shoes [Buying] (1)
virus shock for sell [Selling] (1)