Witch dungeons builds?

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  1. Samuel

    I need some sugestions to a dungeon witch build,can someone help? Btw will the characters reset after open test?

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  2. witch is so brainless you can literally max whatever and still do fine

    max MM or not up to you

    EMM is general a max since it's a nice filler skill
    collider is an all or nothing if you don't have it your life isn't terrible but your party expects you to have the greatest machine in the world

    drill is underwhelming unless it's sleeper under sleeper rain
    1 point in dust(s) for utility that's up to you, depends on whether you like MM spam or scrubbing
    ruru / jacky max one or other or both, though most people will say both
    rain is not really a must max (?) unless you want to go hard in water tree tbh, it's p underwhelming
    lava max and furnace max I don't care what people say fire tree is stupid amounts of damage

    dark tree sucks don't even look at it unless you're pvp

    oh and 1 point in manteau for utility
    lollipop is generally a max
    skip DE, it's not worth it 99% of the time

    elemental burn makes your damage go through the roof if you can cycle it properly
    festival is prefernce, some people like it I'm not a huge fan but it has uses and makes MM spam even more ludicrous

    AL is a luxury. bring it with you or not
  3. Dubin carried by fmage

    They let us keep our alpha characters even when they wiped all the inventories
    Where in the hell is this rumor coming from
  4. 7se7en

    Uninformed people with pessimistic tendencies making uninformed guesses with nothing to dissuade the thoughts.
  5. Orbus

    heard you talkin shit in here 'bout my swatter like I wouldnt notice
  6. Maribo Rather Whimsical

    You know i use to use the old AoE build ima try saccharin suggested... kinda looks fun... getting tired of Elven knight and want to go back to the class that got me into the game...

    So Saccharin whats your suggestion on ex skills?
  7. 1 level in EX swatter to trigger the buff.
    EX lollipop max or not it's up to you tbh. the burst damage is enough to one-shot the four little guys in bakal
    EX spin, one point for fun, but it's pretty ass and is getting replaced anyway
    collider max, furnace max, tbqh all you really need is furnace and everyting else is filler between furnace
    jacky max is also a nice must since it hits harder than gravitas on a lower CD like real talk
  8. SuperStringy Curiosity-dominated

    Why do we need sleeper rain?
  9. Ranko

    Sleeper rain lowers physical defense and water resistance. It's not incredibly useful for you, but if you have someone else that benefits from one or even both debuffs, for them

    I would say getting it is situational.
  10. max rain in parties, otherwise skip, unless you're stacking water damage and have drill chronicle pieces
  11. SuperStringy Curiosity-dominated

    It's just that I don't see such detail in the skill description. "In addition to dealing Water damage, it reduces physical..." On DFO wiki there is, but the wiki suggests normal success would decrease stats as well. I also see the characteristic water dmg sprite in all three levels.
  12. it definitely reduces water resistance

    if you don't believe me use frost dust while under rain and you'll see the increase
  13. Ranko

    Despite it being rain, only a sleeper or higher acid rain will deal water damage. A fail/success deals neutral damage.

    I was wrong in saying that sleeper+ rain decreases defense/resistance, it will always decrease those two.
  14. SuperStringy Curiosity-dominated

    It was fun to summon rain clouds in training.
    So we do not need sleeper rain for mega drill to be effective.
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  15. LeonSilvis The Original Leon Silvis who is Pure&Innocent

    Max shururu/Jacky
    Max Swatter
    Max Manteau
    Max EMM
    Max EB
    Max MF

    those skills will carry u untill time gate, by then you should start maxing furnace and collider
  16. Orbus

    Is this still true?
    I remember one of the changes to witches is their spells actually doing the spells element of damage without needing a sleeper.
    Probably because it's stupid that things like raining burning chunks on someone does neutral damage, unless it's a sleeper then it suddenly has an element.
    In addition to making element stacking far more useful.

    I don't know if that is a change we have in our current version, or if the change wasn't applied to certain spells for whatever reason.
    I read this stuff a while ago.
  17. Ranko

    Head to AoA and see if using it on the blue mummy kills you.
  18. Everspace I will murder your family

    Easier to test with one of the garbage element enchants.

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