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  1. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

    Since there's a lot of common questions that have been answered repeatedly and are also possibly buried a fair ways back in the GM discussion thread, I think it's probably a good idea to make a general info thread with that information so we don't have to repeatedly answer the same questions.

    First of all, my ability to format shit on this forums is pretty much nil, so I'll try my best but I'm still learning it (how does one even create tables wtf). I GIVE UP ON TABLES.

    NB: this is a PRE-BUFF compendium. Once the recent GM buffs come out (i.e. Broken Arrow getting a 50% damage buff and losing its damage buffs on the chron), some things will be different.

    Skeleton Build

    GM is actually a class of preferences - you can pretty much just use what you like as long as you have the majority of core skills, and you'll be pretty much just as effective as anyone else. It's more a matter of catering to your playstyle that makes the class more effective - the more comfortable you are with a skill, the more you'll use it, and hence the more effective it will be. Likewise, if you don't like a skill even if it's good, you tend to use it less and hence it's less effective overall. Keep this in mind when you do your skills for GM. Choose what you like firstly. However, I will say there are some very subpar or situational skills depending on your gear, and I'll go through them below.

    I also like to have at least one point in everything even if you're not maxing them, especially things like Ice Lance, Ice Crash and Ice Sword + Crystal Blade, because they're still good for utility and sometimes trash clearing. Ice Crash is something I'd definitely put one point in at minimum, but you can completely drop Ice Lance/Ice Sword if you're tight on SP.

    As a general rule, if you use a chron set, max and TP the skills on the chron sets, then play around with what you have left. It should be pretty obvious what the base skills to max for chron sets are since they're listed on the sets themselves. After that, you can max what you like.

    For a general build, such as mixed legendaries/epics or Sea God 5/6pc + legendaries/epics, you typically go for burst skills, namely all your cubes with the exception of Ice Crash. Ice Crash isn't really good endgame, as for its damage to be highest, the enemy has to be movable, and the majority of endgame mobs (read: Anton), aren't really movable, and moving things is terrible for party play as well. I find it's almost impossible to use effectively against Anton mobs/bosses specifically, but it is good for trash clearing in some cases. However, it's a great utility skill for movement, as well as decent for grouping trash mobs, so I would put at least 1 point in it.

    You should also have enough SP to max at least one of your low cooldown non-cubes (Ice Lance, Ice Sword, Windmill Spear). Broken Arrow and Grand Shatter are also choices, I suppose, but they're both rather low damage skills right now and take more SP, so I wouldn't recommend it. Out of the low cooldown skills, I'd recommend maxing Windmill Spear and dumping a few levels in whatever is left, because Windmill Spear is actually our highest damage-per-second skill (i.e. has the highest damage over 1 minute).

    I also like maxing Judecca the Eternal, but it's not entirely necessary unless you're doing Anton. Alternatively, you can also drop Ice Orb to level 1 (for multi-hit/pull utility), and then use that SP in another low cooldown skill. As I said, GM is a very preference-based class, so you can pick and choose what you like and still be very effective.

    tl;dr max all your cubes except Ice Crash + 1 non-cube. You can also drop Ice Orb and Judecca to level 1 if you want SP for low-level skills. Recommended non-cube max is Windmill Spear.

    This is my build for a Sea God/general/non-chron setup.


    Swap Gear for Resonance (and Path of Frost if you really want to hard-ass)
    One of the most important starting things for Glacial Masters is getting swap gear for Resonance, our strongest buff skill. The base level for Resonance, as in the max you can level to with just SP, is 10. The maximum level achievable with swap gear is level 20.

    First of all, this table might be confusing because of how many options you have. Choose ONE column and stick with it, do NOT try and match the columns unless you know what you're doing. I recommend choosing the Budget column if you're just starting out, because a lot of the items in the Optimal column are difficult to get. The priority is getting level 20 Resonance, or level 18+ Resonance with Wailing Revenant Form as the weapon.


    I will post a table later of the values of each level of Resonance from 10-20, complete with the values from different setups. In the end, the difference between Optimal and Budget setups isn't massive, as long as you have around level 20 Resonance. Once you get down to the level of optimizing with Tainted pieces, that's just the realm of min-maxing and isn't absolutely necessary unless that's important to you.

    As an example, with this setup, my Resonance gives me a total of 175 water damage (including -resistance).


    I'm using Halidoms because the +2 Resonance is more effective than +1 Resonance and 3 Tainteds at that level (it's 3 water damage more). Unfortunately, I don't have TAO +2 title, or I'd happily forgo halidoms for tainteds + greenhorn bruiser top. Stacking Resonance does vary based on what you have and don't have; sometimes +1 Resonance is better than tainteds and vice versa. On another note, the bonus from Wailing Revenant Form and Tainteds don't show up on the Resonance tooltip unless you're in dungeon/training.

    Battle Gear
    GMs actually have a very diverse pool of good setups they can use, mainly because, as I said earlier, the class is up to preference. Nearly all our skills (with the exception of Ice (T/C)rash) are good, just that some are more optimal than others. So in this case, this means that nearly all our chron sets are viable in some way, depending on what content you're looking at.

    Weapon options
    GMs don't really have that many weapon options. We use rods mostly, our BiS is a rod, but we can use staffs, most notably the epic Wizard Staff. However, attack speed is important because our attacks use that stat in their execution time. These are the weapons listed in order from best to worst.

    0. Anton Raid Weapon - since we're getting raid soon... I guess I'll put this here, but be prepared to go on a path of L-O-L-O-M-G-R-N-G to get it.

    1. Rabineta's Black Heart Rod - the must-get for any serious GM, unless you have Anton weapon. This weapon is pretty much on par with Anton weapon, but with the addition of extremely fucking annoying MP drain per-hit. Be prepared to stuff your face with MP pots.
    2. Shepherd's Rod - upgrade of Liberation.
    3. Wizard's Staff - a staff, but with good bonuses, so we can use it.
    4. Liberation Rod - standard weapon
    5. Air Rod - not... bad I guess, still crap imo. Might be better than lib, but I can't be bothered to check right now because I'm not in-game.

    Everything else is either gimmicks, crap, or both. Or a swap, in the case of Spirit Lord's Protection.

    Epic full set options
    The majority of people won't get here within any short time, as the average amount of invites for a full set can approach 200k+, which short of whaling is difficult to get. So unless you're a whale or rich player, skip this section.

    As of 85 epics there's a few options, which should be pretty obvious. This is not including the kDnF reworks.

    Armor sets:
    Wesley's Strategy/Tactical Officer set (party) - best set in party, and the auras are an added bonus.
    Assassin's Attitude - best solo set generally, especially if you have Cold Princess since the set has both smash and crit smash options.
    Mana Burn - potentially better than Assassin's Attitude. The mana drain with Rabineta Rod is potentially a problem. A bonus observation, thanks to @Reitousei - Ice Hammer is a cast skill and will procs the pants effect.
    Mana Vortex - personally I dislike this set and consider it meh, because contrary to what the set bonus' wording is, it actually only resets one skill every 10 seconds instead of all skills. I mean, for the cooldown reduction it's good I guess? GM cooldowns generally aren't that bad though.
    Natural Guardian - procs. Procs. More procs. It's a good overall set, but not as good as others.

    Personally I think the top 3 sets are Wesley/Assassin/Mana Burn, not much else is worth noting. Wesley is the overall best set.

    Accessory sets:
    Cold Princess - obviously the best set for GM.
    Refined Otherverse - another very good set especially the ring (although that's typically a swap if you don't have this full set). However, note that this set doesn't synergise well with Assassin's Attitude, because of the smash conflict.
    Assassin's Blade Ring + mixed epics/legendary - another good option. Typically the setup is ABR, smash/water damage neck, water damage/smash bracelet.
    Gigantic Presence - not an epic set, but comes close. Is arguably on the same level or sometimes better than the ABR setup.

    Legendary/Mixed Epics options
    This is typically the mid-way setup between chrons and epics, and is what you should aim for unless you intend on farming hells to insane levels. There are a few very good options here.

    - Sea God's Curse 5/6pc: this is probably what could be considered the baseline for GMs, and what you should be aiming for before considering hell modes. Use 5pc if you're with a SB (because they can curse constantly), and 6pc in other situations. Short of having mixed epics, most people use Sea God 5/6pc + Anton Accessory set (Gigantic Presence). Otherwise, if you don't have that, you can use Great Glory Bracelet (Frozen Solidity if you have a smash mod already), Ice Knights Armor necklace and either Filir - Cool-headed Judgment for ring or (Forgotten) Ancient Elven Ring.

    As for mixed epics, just read the tooltip effects and do testing. If you have GP set, it can be difficult to break it but not impossible, or if you have enough good legendaries/epics, you can break the Sea God set, but in that case you pretty much have to have enough to replace all 6 pieces.

    Chronicle options
    I'm going to admit I only really have experimented with IAS and IFH extensively before moving straight to Sea God, so my knowledge on this area is a bit lackluster. That being said, I did that because wile Sea God is the strongest non-epic setting possible, I also liked using all my skills rather than being limited to the options that chrons boosted. I'm not going to post every single chron setup, just the more prominent ones.

    9pc Ice Arrow Shot - pretty much considered a meme set, but a strong single target option. Allows spamming of Broken Arrow and makes it a very strong skill. This is widely considered as the most popular chron set for endgame content (single target).

    9pc Ice Floral Hell - an alternative to IAS, IFH is really good for trash clearing and farm. This set focuses mostly on Grand Shatter and makes it a screen-wide skill.

    6pc/9pc Mage's Ultimate Ice - 6pc gives bonuses to Ice Hammer and Ice Field, 9pc makes Toilet Flush into a bigger and better Toilet Flush. Not much for me to say here. I guess this set is more burst-focused, but I could be wrong.

    6pc/9pc Short Ice Magician - typically considered the close range set that also makes huge use of Ice Craft, this set is actually quite fun and stronger than a lot of people think it is. That being said, the meta is burst, not dps, hence why other sets are better. 6pc gives a nice general boost to Insight which ends up increasing the damage of all our skills.

    9pc Ice Vine - when you see a set that increases the damage/cooldowns of the 60/70 exs, you know it's bad. This goes for pretty much every class honestly. That being said, 3pc is good for swapping and as a 6/3 component for 6pc Mage's Ultimate Ice.

    9pc Long Ice Magician - I personally love Ice Trap, but it's not the best skill for AoE because you generally want to take Pinpoint Rush to make it a single target skill.

    Avatar Options
    This is fairly straightforward and the game's presets does this pretty well. However, this is a short table of the precise stats.


    I've actually been testing a few things recently and depending on circumstances, Frozen Soul might actually be better as the top skill (you can't get FS plats) than Insight. However, this is also largely dependent on level and circumstances, as Insight also gives crit chance. Frozen Soul gives +2% skill damage on some levels, but it's usually just +1%. If your level is one of these, then putting Frozen Soul might be a better idea. So far, Insight is the best plat/passive to put emblems in for once you've swapped out of Resonance, because it scales with sader and gives all your skills a buff. Things like Frozen Weapon Mastery only give certain skills buffs. FWM is good if you want freeze levels though, but not sure why you'd want that. You can also have a separate set of avatars for Path of Frost, but again, that's *only* if you're dead set on min-maxing. It's not a big difference; with level 15 Path of Frost it's only something like 7 water damage increase for me from level 12.

    Pet Options
    This is mostly considering whether you have a crit smash mod or not already. These are the best options.

    - Petit Eternal: 7% crit smash, +1 Resonance, +1 Judecca the Eternal
    - Petit Argos: 10% crit smash, +1 Lv. 25 Skills (+1 Insight)
    - The Behemoth Lv. 25-30: 55 mattack/some int, +1 Lv. 25-30 Skills (+1 Insight)

    You need at least 1 pet for a Resonance swap, then you can use whatever you like. The Behemoth is the best pet if you have a crit smash mod, however, if you use Great Glory Bracelet, even though it has 5% crit smash, the Petit Argos pet (10% crit smash, so an additional 5%) is actually better than Behemoth, assuming you swapped Resonance already. As I mentioned in the Avatars section, Insight is one of the best active +1s we can have.
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  2. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

  3. Reitousei

    Great job, personally if I had the time I would like to contribute into this as well. Only thing I have to disagree is the bottom avatar option of MP for rabineta's. No matter what the 1% drain from rabi's effect is 1% regardless of your actual mp amount.

    unless they changed it to knowledge ice crash isn't a cube skill. if it was.... huh... never noticed.

    Also don't forget to add enchant option. If I can think of anything else I'll bring it to your attention, otherwise gj ^^.
  4. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

    MP does help *slightly* because it reduces the usage that your base skills do. Majority of mp drain is from rabineta, correct, but there is still some, however minor, from skill usage.

    Ah yeah, ice crash and hammer may not be cubes but I wasn't in game when I wrote this.

    I forgot about enchants, will add that later, thanks.
  5. brent592

    As a GM main, from looking at this guide I don't think you have ever actually played GM. Starting with this build, WHY do you have ice orb maxed out? The skill is only good for grouping and not much else. You say ice crash is bad when it literally does 33% more damage than ice hammer. Also, for what reason do you have the ice sword upgrade if ice sword is level 1? Oh and let's talk about you not having the maxed out magic crit nodes. Also, Judecca does not need to have more than 1 level in it as it should be used for holding. What's with those wasted points in ice lance? May as well just put it at 1 and put those points into something else. Ice arrow and Grand Shatter are low damage skills? Jesus Christ. Builds for GMs are piss easy to make, just max everything except for a few skills which are obviously the low level shit that does no damage. As for the equipment, 9pc Ice Arrow beats every other chron set GM has.

    What is with this entire wall of text? GM is not a complex class, there isn't that much gear to use and he doesn't have a lot of variety in builds. I highly recommend you play the class and actually do research on him before trying to make yourself look good or whatever you tried to accomplish from this.
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  6. Ark From Pain, Awakening

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  7. Jaðarsormr S> soul for Muramasa

    Guess I was running Anton duo with a ghost then.
  8. Ralexinor I'm allergic to stupidity.

    Heh, that was an amusing read on my way to work.

    Endgame is about burst, not DPS. If you want DPS, you max all your non-cubes. Ice Orb actually does decent burst damage; it's not the best burst we have, but it's still better than most of our non-cubes. Granted, you have to know how to land it, though.

    And how often on endgame mobs (anton) are you actually going to land it? Ice Crash, as I said, only really does good damage on non-grabbable targets. It forces you to move, which means you can't do anything else in the meantime and risk dying, and on grabbable enemies it also moves them, which is completely counter-productive for party play. The damage on a non-grabbable target is decent, but it's just not viable to use in a real dungeon.

    Preference, I use it for speedrunning certain dungeons and connecting some skills. It has its uses.

    What's the point of maxing it when level 9 already gets me to 97% crit chance?

    Judecca is one of our hardest hitting skills, next to Ice Chain and Shard Magnum. As I said, for trash clearing you don't need it maxed, but for endgame, you should max it because the damage is quite good, as endgame is about burst, not DPS.

    Ice Lance has high DPS, and by the time you've blown your burst rotation, if the mob's not dead, then Ice Lance is a good option for a filler. Ancient Memory isn't amazing once you have gear, and even worse with a sader, and the damage increase vs cooldown isn't fantastic.

    Well, they are high damage skills... in Frozen Luteon.

    Actually, depending on your definition of "low level shit", Windmill Spear is actually our highest-DPS skill regardless of chrons or not. Not the highest burst, no, but still quite high damage for burst and amazing DPS.

    Yes, I did state that it was the most popular, which by proxy, indicates that. Chron sets aren't that great for endgame however, IAS is decent but is easily outclassed by the easily obtainable Sea God set.

    Okay, first, I'm going to put this out there. From what you've said in your post, you did whatever little testing you did while wearing a chronicle set, most likely 9pc Ice Arrow Shot. That's not how you do testing, because it skews your data towards the skills the set boosts, namely Broken Arrow and Grand Shatter. Here's the reality:


    Broken arrow does shit damage without 9pc IAS. You can see there's "no TP" and "TP" versions of Broken Arrow in that list; Broken Arrow only compares to other skills when it has the TP, and even then, that was comparing to the other skills which don't have TP on them, so overall its damage is still pathetically low without its chron set. With its chron set, yes, it does do good damage, but you would have thought that'd be a no-brainer given the tooltip on IAS shows the substantial boosts it gives to the skill. But without it? You'd never take Broken Arrow except as a pre-requisite skill, at least until reworks.

    Grand Shatter's "random shard count" means it doesn't actually do consistent damage, as you can see from the spreadsheet, it ranged from roughly 900k damage to about 1.3mil on different uses. Its high damage end is decent, yes, but considering it's extremely random, and the average damage isn't great, no, it's not a good skill to max for endgame.

    Ice Orb is a bit fiddly to use when you just start the class, but once you do get used to it, it's actually quite a good chunk of damage.

    If you're running trash content, really, just use whatever skills you want. Grand Shatter, even Ice Crash is good for things that die in one hit. But when you reach endgame? No, those skills are absolutely trash when you're trying to kill monsters as fast as possible.

    As a GM main, from looking at your post I don't think you have ever actually played GM.
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  9. tacsigh Quackity Quack.

    As someone late to the GM party and looking into gearing another character, I really must thank you for putting this up. More people should put up end game content guides for specific classes :P

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