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Discussion in 'Spitfire' started by SonowRaevius, May 10, 2016.

  1. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    So as it stands right now I have a +11/+7 Liberation Bowgun (with a +40 Int. enchant) waiting for my spitfire when she hits 75 (have conquerers).

    Would this be a suitable end game weapon (trying to get it to +8 as we speak), or should I try to go for rule of thumb or ice spark?
  2. nihil679

    "go for" they say. :pride:

    Liberation Bowgun is Anton raid minimum and from what I have seen is easily a high-B or simply A-tier assuming you can hit the other prereqs (level 15 Grenade Mastery, 6-pc Prim, source of smash/critsmash).
    Up to you if you feel that you need the extra padding. Obviously go for it if you feel like you're going to spend all your time on your FSpitfire; if you have other classes you'd like to fund, probably not.
  3. SonowRaevius Azure Fox

    Greatly appreciate the advice X_X I feel like a noob sometimes.

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