What Crusader skills to use when running hell events?

Discussion in 'Crusader' started by spinfusor, May 8, 2016.

  1. spinfusor

    I'm new to Priest class but I did fine leveling it to 86 and otherverse. I'm a FS Sader and I just dont wanna waste my free hell tickets. What strategies do you guys use when running hell? Some apc are really fast i'm having trouble setting up my attacks. thanks
  2. caveman1095

    Send ya a link to an answer I gave another person with a similar question.
    In regards to exclusively running hell mode. Run on the lowest difficulty you can stomach running multiple times. I can do King's but do Master's for convenience. Almost everyone agrees that Salamander's Furnace is the go to place for running hell mode. Basically build battle (refer to my link for a quick run down of skills) and run salamanders furnace. Personally I start 2nd awakening in the first room and use it to clear out the hell party once I make it to them.
  3. I just max RoL + the TP and when apoc changes to lasor they all die the revenge of light procs while I do nothing hehehe

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