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    NewWorld is an active and social guild free of drama and filled with active members. Join today!
    We're pretty simple and laid back.

    If you want to join, all you need to do is press ; ingame to open the guild tab, and type in NewWorld to the application box.

    Guild Master: Frozenstep

    We've been around since the nexon days, and we came back when the game was brought back. We've grown bigger then ever before, now with 700+ members and raid groups ready to go!

    1) Hacking and scamming first level offense
    2) If a debate/argument becomes heated and prolonged, move it to whispers. We don't want you to start drama in guild chat/discord
    3) Do not flood guild chat with spam. (Constant begging, bragging, ads, etc.)
    4) Be respectful to guild members, and do not harass those outside the guild
    5) Try not to spread misinformation. Being wrong is not a crime, but constantly being pushy with bad info will cause problems and may lead to warnings.
    6) If you feel that a guild member is being a problem, please come to a guild officer. The guild officers will look into it and if a sizable number of people agree and the G.O. feels they are justified, they will be given a warning. PLEASE contact the G.O. PRIVATELY through DM/whisp/etc. to avoid public crucifixion. Please take screenshots, as that will help with the investigation
    7) If you receive multiple warnings in quick succession about the same issue, a guild officer will investigate and kick as necessary. If you have multiple warnings over a longer period of time, the guild officers/guild leader will discuss in a meeting about the issue. If you receive a warnings and no other warnings for a significant length of time, the warnings will fade.
    8) If you want to participate in the guild raids (KW/NW 1-3 or Tiggs 4) please send your character information to and we will contact you as positions open up.
    9) Please keep your inactive characters out of the guild. If the guild capacity is reaching over 95%, then we will start kicking alts without warning from people with more than 8 alts in teh guild.
    10) We will kick inactive members who have been away for 2 weeks, unless you give a guild officer/guild leader prior notice of absence.

    Discord link:
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  2. We just reached level 12 today. I don't know when we get our guild vault, though...
  3. Wilfre M.

    Guild Vault, If then, If when, if ever!
  4. Wilfre M.

    Raidcall is shutting down it's servers on Oct, 1st. It is likely we'll transfer back to our roots and revert back to Team-speak. The server will be hosted by Sypher of Calamity.
  5. We just hit level 13 today! Thanks to all the guildies who helped us get here, even if most of them don't use Nexus that often.
  6. Halfway to 14...
  7. Wilfre M.

    We can do it :rip:
  8. I returned from vacation to find the guild was level 14. Not a bad surprise.
  9. Recruiting more saders for our Guild Anton Raid. Which is...actually kinda coming together. Lot of people in the guild are getting luck with epics, even me (though it's on an Alt I don't want to play...gahhh). Not nearly enough, but we're trying :dogcited:

    If you're not a sader and/or you're not interested in Anton raid, you're still welcome, I don't think a guild anton raid is happening anytime soon.
  10. Wilfre M.

    Internet when.
  11. Woah, hardly even noticed, but we can reach level 15 we go.
  12. Wilfre M.

    You know what I deskpalm over recently? I was keeping records when each level was achieved and archived them. Only just that it goes up to lv10. Level 15 now...just a few more levels then my World will be back where it belongs....
  13. Zorc James One Skill, one kill

    Mazurn, Kyaho
    NewWorld (Mazurn)
    can I join in?
  14. Wilfre M.

    That you may. FrozenStep is acting as Guild Master in my name. We'll be happy to have you.
  15. Of course. The easiest way to join is just to send an application (open the guild window [default key ;] and type in NewWorld into the textbox that appears).
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  16. Sayalin Elven Weeb Gaia

    If only I could stop being so inactive lmao. We recruiting hard bois.

    And no we do not deal in girls, I'm happily taken by wilf and I'd like to keep it that way kids.
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  17. Shadow dancer is finally out! But I need to figure out which alt I'm going to swap her with...can't have too many characters in the guild.
  18. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Inb4 all the guild are really step alts;)
  19. Tigger

  20. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii


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