Vagabond on Anton Dungeon (Not Raid)

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  1. RavenSensei A vagabond in training

    Here is a instructional video taken from Cdnf of a run through of all 5 Anton Dungeons.
    The Vagabond featured in the video is possibly the most skilled Vagabond play at the time.
    Notice he does not have any additional buffs / alchemist potions and do not consume any HP potions / coins throughout
    I hope you pay attention to the way he is comboing his skills / managing cooldowns / evading attacks
    This is the art of being a true Vagabond

    He is waring a full Lv.85 Halidom Set with a +ATT Legendary Sub and a +all element damage Legendary Stone.
    His Acc. Are the full WarLord Set that you can trade at Grandis for 600 demon eyes total.
    His weapon is a +12 Liberation Lightsaber.

    If you would like a closer look at the video please use this original link below as much of the quality is lost as I uploaded it to Youtube.
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    "Video is private"
  3. RavenSensei A vagabond in training

    68 sorry. Just fixed that problem
    I don't often upload stuff to Youtube...still trying to figure the system out
  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    I'll say once again, using any video from China as an example of how to do anything Anton related is a bad idea. Not only is their Anton dungeons different from kDnF (especially their Raid), but the enchants/titles/etc. that they can obtain is absolutely unrealistic in terms of any other version.

    Granted, this video does give you a little help with learning possible combos, but please do not take this video to be some casual player.
  5. RavenSensei A vagabond in training

    This is not the Anton Raid.
    Also, I did not put this here to show case how OP Vagabond is or anything in that matter.
    I am simply showing how you can run this dungeon safely and smoothly.
    If you can dodge all the enemy attacks while out putting respectable damage, then why does it matter if you gear is not as good as the shown in the video.
    Besides, as for the enchantment you are talking about. There is no really +skill beads exclusive to CdnF that is so overpowered for a Vagabond.
    The only buff she has, being the Quint. Str. Cap at Lv.20 and can be reached in our version with proper gear swapping.
    Vagabond is not a Zerk that is made so extremely strong due to the +skill beads buffing BloodLust/DieHard/Berserk and such.
  6. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Don't really think you understood my post at all, but yea. Vids fine if you wanna watch a vagabond running Anton.
  7. RavenSensei A vagabond in training

    I am sorry if there is any mis-interpretations on my part about what you have said...
    But I doubt you have even looked at the video before commenting here...
    I fully agree with you that Cdnf has some bull-shit titles/creatures and such that given significant buff to the character which makes them much superior to our versions
    In fact, I actually tried to use his set-up and I was doing a third of his damge --- you are totally correct on that.

    With all that being said, please look at this video --- which is possibly the best instructional video you are going to get on a Vagabond ever.
    This guy is running all the dungeons with Haldioms, Warlords, and a +10 pink sabre, which, even with all the Cdnf speicals, are still far from one shoting everything
    Yet, If you look carefully, he is taking next to no damage from any form of mob attacks or gimicks, much less using a coin.
    He makes no mistakes at all even in Black Volcano which is often chaotic and hard to master
    He can juggle the boss monsters from beginning to end without even giving them a chance to set off some of their most annoying attacks or patterns.
    This is a video far more valuable then simply having a moment of entertainment and watching a Vagabond running Anton.

    With all due respect, he does manage to finish all the Anon dungeons in this 14 minute video.
    I highly doubt any Vagabond is our sever at the moment could do the same with complete liberty of gear -- be it dark gothic, tactical, or Balmug.
    My point of this video is to show the positioning, combos, and ways to defeat each and every mob in the most efficient way.
    Unless you can make something better in our version --- but until that time, it is a GOOD IDEA to start from here
  8. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    I'm guessing you completely missed the last half of my post above yours. I never once criticized the guys skill or technique. All I said was I don't like people learning Anton from China vids due to serious gear differences and dungeon differences.

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