Ultimate Dive Switch Gears

Discussion in 'Grappler' started by FateZero, May 8, 2016.

  1. FateZero

    Lets make a list of all the gear worth switching so we dont miss anything :D

    - Forgotten Fellow`s Glory : 5% chance to +10% str during 30 seconds.
    - De Los glory : same thing but effect cancels, just for multi-switch. Stacks.
    - Essence Burning romance necklace: 3% chance +50 all stats during 20 seconds, stacks 3 times.
    - Essence Free spirit necklace: same thing.
    - Essence swirling soul: 5% chance of +5% phys crit for 20 seconds.
    - Petit diva pet : +1 superplex, then switch back to the behemot.
    - Clone Top whit a different skill: 1lvl of unstopable is 5 % , make maths for check what skills are worth.
    - Rare clone top/bottom whit different emblem: same thing.
    -Stable grab OV set/cracked gear +1spin: for get them Spins on suplex cyclone. ( whit a 30 secs cd skill not sure if worth switch 9 pieces)

    As important note: Unstopable grab is a soft buff, wich means that you need the gear boosting it equiped for damage to take effect. (RIP OPgauntlet +3 unstopable)
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  2. Pointy03

    I remember way back in 70 cap someone one-cycloned delezie by snapshotting 17 spin cyclone and swapping to force cyclone.

    I also recall this video where someone uses a superplex top to get the extra level of it and swaps to an unstoppable top before the landing hit for the damage boost. I wonder whether this works for stuff like twister.

    Outside of that, I guess anything with unstoppable would be good to swap into for any huge finisher
  3. FateZero

    Too bad that op gauntlet is a weapon , ill love to have that as necklace or soemthing haha, ill be adding on main post everything thx.
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  4. Duck Suburban Strangler

    wtf man

    I didn't play this class to swap stop with this
  5. FateZero

    I dont care what you do or you dont do.

    I use 2 of these and work perfectly fine.

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